Congratulations to our TOP Producers in August!

September 18, 2023


In the scorching heat of August, our top sales agents have once again proven their unwavering commitment to excellence. Their remarkable dedication and exceptional performance have set a blazing trail for us all to follow.  This month we asked them to share what is the toughest thing about being in real estate or the toughest thing they have had to overcome in their real estate business.  Read on they share their stories…




Our Top Producer for August is Rebecca Schaffer with $627,975 in closings for the month.






Rebecca – One of the biggest challenges I have as a realtor is making time for lead generation.  I know it is a critical function of a realtor’s job however,  a realtor encounters many unexpected things on a daily basis.  Trying to manage and schedule showings, inspections, appraisals, floor time, research for buyers and closings as well as take care of the needs of your customers is a difficult time management task.  Many of my customers are from out of state, that means I am effectively their personal assistant when it comes to all things on the property they are purchasing.  I enjoy helping my customers and take pride in serving them well, so I tend to prioritize the customer service aspect of my realtor role over lead generation.





Our Top Producing Team in Closings and Sales for the month is the Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy.  They had $635,000 in closings and $555,000 in pending sales.





Shelley & Tim – “With historically low home inventory levels and multiple offer situations, The Nemethy Group overcame what initially appeared to be a challenging market for Realtors and Buyers in 2021 and 2022.  We successfully met these challenges head on by creatively structuring offers for our Buyers to WIN contracts at a high percentage in their favor.


Continually adapting our business strategy according to how the market changes ensures The Nemethy Group always provides the BEST opportunity to win deals for our customers.”





The Top Producer of our Jacksonville Beach Team for the August is Jennifer Todd with $550,000 in closings.





Jennifer – Having been an agent for 28 years, I have seen so many market changes each offering their individual challenges.  Learning the market trends and being proficient in guiding buyers and sellers through them have sometimes been overwhelming.  Each trend was either favorable to a buyer or a seller and juggling those has been quite an education.


Today’s market trends are a challenge to both buyers and sellers!  That is certainly a new twist in the market!  


Depending on your goals, let’s navigate this market together.




Our Top Lister and Top Overall Sales Agent for the month is Bonnie Weinstein with over $2.2 million in overall sales of which over $1.5 Million were listings she got under contract.






Bonnie – One of the toughest things I find in Real Estate is keeping up with Economic shifts.  Real Estate is heavily influenced by the overall economy.  During downturns property sales can plummet, and clients become scarce.  This is when I find keeping up with the local market and trends is most important. Working for a brokerage like Davidson Realty keeps my business up to date in market trends.  Learning new skills and knowledge to overcome the challenges. 





Our Top Buyer Sales Agent for the August is Reba Barkley with $1.4 Million is pending sales.






Reba – The cyclical nature of real estate markets, the impact of economic factors, such as the raising or lowering of interests rates, and environmental impacts like hurricanes, have resulted in challenges as I serve my customers as their preferred realtor. These challenges have resulted in my becoming more effective in communicating to Buyers and Sellers the impact of market fluctuations on the achievement of their real estate goals. Successfully advising and guiding my customers through fluctuations of property market values, movement in demand/availability of inventory, and creative offer and listing agreements have continually resulted in transactions that have led to “successful closings.”




Our Top Sales Agent for our Jacksonville Beach team for August is Caitlyn Hawkins with $505,000 in pending sales.







Caitlyn – One of the most frustrating things about being in real estate is the never-ending unpredictability. Most other professions have clear, set parameters and expectations for who, what, where, when, and how things will happen and ultimately come to fruition.  In real estate, we obviously know the where, but as for the exact when, and how, etc., that’s completely dependent upon a multitude of different factors. Most of which are out of our control as Realtors. The ability to “pivot” as I call it when something out of left field happens is something I excel at but can also give you whiplash. There’s an incredibly delicate balance in which each aspect of a transaction must be approached in order to get it to closing.



We hope you enjoyed reading about our TOPS.  We’re incredibly proud of them and salute their remarkable achievements.  We look forward to seeing all our agents reach greater heights in the months ahead.  If you or someone you know need help navigating the real estate market or just have some general questions please reach out to any of our great agents today.

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