Congratulations to all our Top Producers for December & the Fourth Quarter in 2022!

January 25, 2023


Happy New Year!  We hope 2023 will be your best year ever.


We want to congratulate our Top Producers for December and the 4th quarter of 2022!  We are very proud of all their personal and professional accomplishments and can’t wait to see what they achieve in 2023.


Please read on as the share their personal take and professional advice for anyone just starting the process of buying or selling a home in 2023.


Our Top Producer for December is Ron Savarese with $1.4 Million in closings. 


Ron – My best advice for anyone starting out is to find the right real estate agent professional to help navigate the home selling or buying process.  Being educated in market conditions, inventory, financing options, to name just a few, whether you are a buyer or seller is critical and necessary when trying to make the best decision in any real estate transaction.   Also having a skilled local professional manage the process and handle the volume of details involved is more important than ever.




Our Top Producing and Top Sales Team for December and the quarter is The Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy.  They closed over $3.6 million for the quarter.


Shelley & Tim – The decision to buy or sell a home is exciting and opens up so many possibilities for the buyer and seller. Just like any important decision in life, one should take the time to do their homework so the experience can be positive and successful! It is so much more involved than just putting a sign in your yard or calling a name on the sign of the home of your dreams. A trusted and experienced Realtor can offer a wealth of knowledge and advice along with helping you navigate through the process. There is so much to consider such as, accurate pricing, smart negotiating, savvy lending, prequalification, contract knowledge, inspections, professional pictures, legal timelines, and title work just to name some of the things you would be experiencing in buying or selling.  Remember, we do this every day, so ask a professional when you are ready to begin!




The Top Lister for December and Top Sales Agent from our Jacksonville Beach Team this month is Caitlyn Hawkins with $1.3 million in listings and sales.


Caitlyn – For the past 3 years, all we have done is pivot. Pivot, pivot, pivot. You get used to covid showings? Oh wait, now there’s no inventory because literally everyone wants to live here. Have really qualified buyers? Oh sorry, they’re being beat out by 37 people offering cash thousands over ask price. Demand has slowed down? Now the interest rates have skyrocketed and you can only afford half of what you could have months ago. Things can change without any warning. The best advice I can give is to buckle up for whatever rollercoaster 2023 holds, and we’ll go on that ride together. We’ve got to roll with the punches, get creative, and hold on tight!




Our Top Sales Agent for December is Rebecca Schaffer with $1.4 million in sales.


Rebecca – Over the last year we saw mortgage rates become so volatile.  The increases made a significant impact in a buyer’s monthly mortgage payment and what they could afford.  I would continue to advise a new buyer to get prequalified with a lender and truly understand all the nuances and scenarios that will impact their loan approval.  For instance, how does a CDD or HOA fee impact the amount a buyer is approved for.  When the buyer understands how much they can obtain a mortgage for and the limitations that comes with it, it makes it easier and less frustrating to shop for the perfect home.  A good lender will advise a buyer if there is anything they need to do to improve their loan application such as paying off any debt or getting additional documentation to support income etc.  A buyer should always first access their financial viability and work with a good lender that will give them personal service before they start looking for their home.


Selling a home can be stressful.  I always try to set a seller’s expectations of the whole process from start to finish when I am on the listing appointment.  I explain what to expect with showing appointments, the inspection process, the appraisal process and the negotiation process.  Most sellers believe their homes are perfect.  And they are, for them.  However, another buyer may see things differently and it requires a seller to be open minded and patient with buyer’s and their needs.   Knowing ahead of time that you have to prepare your home and leave it sometimes often for showings is part of selling.  I always ask the buyer to just think about the end game and what gets them to their goals beyond their current home.  Setting the right expectations usually makes the whole experience much better. 




Our Top Producer for the 4th quarter is Lynn Whitley with $2.3 million in closings.


Lynn – For those selling their home in 2023 I would advise paying special attention to preparing the home for sale. Taking care to depersonalize and declutter is key in presenting the home at its best. The goal is to showcase the space while highlighting special features, such as built-ins or fireplace. Present the home in a way that allows visiting prospective buyers can take mental possession, for this reason you want to remove those treasured mementos and family photos. Play soft elevator style music. Turn on all the lights. Raise the blinds if there is a nice view to showcase. Maybe leave a plate of cookies. Everything about your home should be welcoming. And when you face rejection from a prospect try not to take it personal. Remember, you only need ONE buyer!




Our Top Sales and Listing Agent for the quarter is Mirtha Barzaga with $5.5 million in sales.

Mirtha – My best advice for anyone looking to buy in 2023 is get pre-approved by a reputable lender.   That will determine your purchase price as well as your monthly payment to make sure it’s a comfortable amount.






The Top Producer for the quarter of Jacksonville Beach Team is Jennifer Todd.

Jennifer – My best advice is to find a Realtor you feel confident in and can communicate with easily.

 If you are a buyer your Realtor will refer you to several mortgage brokers so that you will understand the lending process and what price homes you should be looking at.

As a seller you should have a good understanding of the value of your home, the current market trends (average days on the market) de-clutter your home and make sure everything is in good condition and working properly. Always remember, the buyers first impression is the exterior and curb appeal!!




Our Top Commercial Agent for December and the quarter is Sam Davidson!  Here is Sam’s take on commercial development in St John’s County for 2023.

Sam – 2023 should be an exciting year for commercial development in St Johns County.  St Johns has long been known as a bedroom community with residents having to drive to Duval for many goods and services. All the amazing residential growth in St Johns over the past few years has sparked a new wave of interest from retailers, restaurants, and other services. I believe you will see more commercial developments come online in 2023 than ever before.



To all our customers we are truly grateful for your trust in us and appreciate your referrals.  If you are considering making a move this year call one of our great agents today to explore your options.  Until then we wish health and happiness to you and yours in the new year ahead.


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