The Winning Team – Davidson Realty 2020 Awards

February 19, 2021


2020. The year of adapting to the unknown. A global pandemic, millions of jobs lost, and a volatile economy, did not stop the real estate market from being swarmed by millions of Americans hoping to take advantage of the positive market trends and record-setting numbers.


The Davidson Realty Team powered through the uncertainty, the “social distancing”, and changing market trends to deliver quality real estate services to their clients. “Our team at Davidson Realty continued to stay connected to our customers during the crazy Covid year we had”, shared Davidson Realty President, Sherry Davidson. Agents gracefully navigated 2020 as they were presented with multiple offer situations due to the competitive nature of the market. Along with the excellent real estate service the Davidson Realty Team was providing, they continued to serve the Northeast Florida community, when they perhaps needed it the most. “Our team organized and participated in food and toy drives, Davidson Cares Clay Day, and Deck The Chairs. The passion our team has for serving others is inspiring. With all that our team faced in 2020, I am proud that the Davidson Realty team has matched the 2019 closing volume of $100,000,000 and exceeded 2019 sales volume by 16%,” continues Sherry. With such an exceptional year for the Davidson Realty team, it is only right that their best and brightest are recognized for their accomplishments in service and performance. The success of this team is made in part by the incredible leadership team at Davidson Realty, notably Sherry Davidson and Davidson Realty Sales and Training Manager, Andrea Gallagher.


Last month, Davidson Realty President Sherry Davidson was named the 2020 Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR) Circle of Honor award winner for her exceptional service and contributions to the real estate community both locally and statewide. Sherry has served NEFAR in various capacities including on its Board of Directors. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Builders Care, a charitable arm of the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA). Throughout her 30-year career in real estate, Sherry has supported real estate agent education and promoted the importance of the real estate industry’s involvement in the community. Sherry truly has led by example as she has supported various causes in Northeast Florida including NEFAR Fights Hunger and Davidson Cares Clay Day. Known throughout the First Coast as an industry leader and an authority in residential real estate, the Davidson Realty Team continues to flourish under her mentorship.



Terri Apodaca

Davidson Property Management – 2020 Most Rentals

Davidson Property Management – 2020 Most Properties Referred

5 Years of Service 

3 Million Dollars Closed

3 Million Dollars Sold



Reba Barkley

Davidson Property Management – 2020 Rookie of the Year






Bonnie Cherhoniak 

5 Years Service






Lori Burton

5 Years Service




Pam Lareau

5 Years Service





Kirsten Lightfoot

5 Years Service





Matt Davidson

20 Years Service






Delilah Salameh

2020 Sales Rookie of the Year






Candy Gil

3 Million Dollars Sold






Liz Pappaceno

3 Million Dollars Closed

3.5 Million Dollars Sold






Jennifer Todd

3 Million Dollars Closed

3.5 Million Dollars Sold





Caitlyn Hawkins

3 Million Dollars Closed

3 Million Dollars Sold





Margherite Myers

3 Million Dollars Closed

3.5 Million Dollars Sold




Lynn Whitley

4 Million Dollars Closed

4 Million Dollars Sold





Ron Savarese

4 Million Dollars Closed

4 Million Dollars Sold





Steve Rodriguez

4 Million Dollars Closed

3.5 Million Dollars Sold



Tammy Peacock

4 Million Dollars Closed

4 Million Dollars Sold




The Braddock Group – Michael Braddock & Sarah Poehler

3.5 Million Dollars Closed

4 Million Dollars Sold





Suzy Evans

11 Million Dollars Closed

11 Million Dollars Sold




Shelley & Tim Nemethy

16 Million Dollars Closed

18 Million Dollars Sold





Mirtha Barzaga

17 Million Dollars Closed

17 Million Dollars Sold

2020 Closing Agent of the Year

2020 Sales Agent of the Year

2020 Listing Agent of the Year



Sam Davidson

2020 President’s Award




The Davidson Realty Team is proud of all the hard work and dedication displayed in 2020 and strives to have an even more successful 2021. These achievements would not be possible without the trust and loyalty of the Davidson Realty clients. Thank you for trusting us as your real estate experts. If you are interested in experiencing the Davidson Realty difference, contact us at (904) 940-5000.

Mirtha Barzaga: Our Informative, Relentless, Driven Pistol!

September 21, 2010


Mirtha BarzagaHere we are again! Time to celebrate another one of our fabulous St. Augustine realtors. This month we are spotlighting Mirtha Barzaga and if you’ve ever read one of our Top Agents Blogs you probably know a thing or two about her success. What you might not know is how highly her coworkers speak of her, which is what I found out when I asked them to use one word to describe Mirtha.

“Informative”, “Relentless”, “Driven”, “A Pistol”, “Helpful”, “Fantastic”, “Giver”, “Focused”, “Selfless”, “Original”, “Dances-to-the-beat-of-her-own-Drummer”. These are only a few of the many responses I got back. And because real estate agents are not known to follow the rules, I even accepted some lengthier descriptions:

“Always available and accessible! One of the hardest workers in our business”

“Mirtha is one of the most dedicated and hardworking agents I know. She is someone who works 7 days a week, takes care of her husband and three young grandchildren and even brings in dessert for our monthly cookouts! I am astounded as to how she does it all and keeps those balls in the air. She always has time for you and she does it with a smile.”

“Mirtha is very friendly. She always has hellos and hugs for everyone. She is never too busy to answer a question.”

The real truth of it is Mirtha Barzaga is one in a million. She was born in Cuba and came to the U.S. when she was only eight years old. She lived in New Jersey, ran a construction company, then switched gears and ran an event company. When she moved to south Florida to be closer to her children she worked in sales and marketing for one of the largest importers of fresh cut flowers. Her move to be closer to her grandchildren in St. Augustine is what led her into her real estate career. So, as you can see she has done it all!

Mirtha is so special to us here at Davidson and we love her dearly. Thank you, Mirtha for being a part of our team!

Congrats to our Top Agents in June & the 2nd Quarter!

July 7, 2010


This month we are full of congratulations, celebrating our Top Agents for June, our Top Agents for the 2nd Quarter, AND our 2 staff members that deserve more than a little recognition! Before we get into all that though, we need to give a BIG congrats to all of our Jacksonville realtors for making 26 transactions with over $5 million in sales for June and almost $5 million in closings! For the 2nd Quarter, WE HAD 85 TRANSACTIONS with over $17 million in sales and almost $13 million in closings! Now, that is OUR agents standing out from the crowd!

Ana SpezialeOur Top Lister for June is Ana Speziale with close to $500,000 in listings sold! She almost hit $900,000 in volume including her sales for the month. Hurricane Ana is taking over!dottie

Our Top Producer and Top Sales Agent in June is Dottie Lay with over $700,000 in closings and over $900,000 in sales. Dottie was our Top Sales Agent in May and is ALSO our Top Sales Agent for the 2nd Quarter with over $2.6 million in sales and listings sold. Congratulations on a GREAT quarter, Dottie!

suzyFor our 2nd Quarter, our Top Producer and Top Lister is Suzy Evans! Suzy had over $2 million in closings, over $1 million in listings sold, and when you add her sales she reached over $1.4 million! Suzy isn’t giving up that crown any time soon – she was our Top Lister for our 4th Quarter last year AND our 1st Quarter this year!DSC_0281

We want to give Michelle Gonzalez a special nod for being our Agent of the Quarter with 10 transactions totaling over $1.2 million and 6 closings of over $600,000.

Property Mgt TeamAnd, last but not least, our staff members of the quarter are John & Elsie Evans of Davidson Property Management, Inc. They are Property Managers extraordinaire! They have the smoothest running, fastest growing property management company around and we LOVE having them as a part of our family.

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