Congratulations to all our Top Producers for March & Q1 in 2023!

April 24, 2023


March and the end of the first quarter in 2023 came in and out like a lion at Davidson Realty with a flurry of real estate activity.  It’s time to recognize our top agents who made it all happen.  We are so proud of all their accomplishments!  We asked our best this month to dispel a common myth they encounter frequently in their real estate business.   Read on as they share their insights that you may just find useful.




Our Top Producer, Top Lister, and Top Overall Sales for March and the first quarter of 2023 is Mirtha Barzaga with over $9.3 Million in closings and $5.3 Million in overall sales.





Mirtha – Myth: Listing a property high to set the stage for bargaining room or listing a home at a much higher price than what comparable reports show, or what your real estate expert provides seems like a good idea to make sure your home sells for all its worth. “Sellers commonly will say, “It’s easier to come down than to go up.” I say this is proven to be the wrong strategy to take.  Homes will bring real market value price. Asking that plus 10% is more likely to cause the home to stay on the market longer, generate less activity and interest, and ultimately sell for less than the market. We call that chasing the market and it’s never a good practice. 




Our Top Producing Team for the March is Vern and Deb Shadowen.






Vern – Myth: “I can get a better deal without a real estate agent because I don’t have to pay their commission.”

Personal experience since it happened to me at least 3 times since I started. In hindsight it was probably more my fault that I didn’t provide enough information regarding purchasing a home.




Our Top Producing Team for the first quarter as well as our Top Sales Team for the month and quarter is the Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy.  They had over $1.3 Million in closings and $1.7 Million in overall sales in the quarter.




Shelley & Tim – Pricing a home correctly according to what the market dictates brings the greatest success in selling a home. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor is important when it comes to pricing and marketing your home. A myth some sellers believe is that they should list their home at a certain price because their neighbor did without taking anything else into consideration. There is so much that goes into pricing a home correctly such as square footage, updates, location (Lake/Preserve), age, lot size, pool, and much more. The Nemethy Group can help break this down and come up with pricing and a marketing plan that fits your home perfectly!





The Top Producer of our Jacksonville Beach Team for March with $746,500 in closings is Candy Gil.






Candy – The most common myth that I hear is “I don’t need a realtor to help me purchase a home if it’s new construction.”  Buyers seem to think that they will get a better deal on a house if they do not have their own realtor represent them.  Whether you’re buying a resale or new construction, you always want a realtor to look out for your best interest.  Your realtor will know the questions to ask, keep a timeline of crucial dates, and be with you throughout the entire transaction till the day you close.  Bottom line, find a realtor you trust and let him/her guide you through all your real estate transactions.





The Top Producer of our Jacksonville Beach Team for the quarter is Caitlyn Hawkins with over $1.5Million in closings.






Caitlyn – Buyer’s DO NOT pay for using a Realtor. So many first-time home buyers ask how much it costs to have me help them. The answer? ZERO dollars. The seller agrees to pay realtor commission as a part of their listing agreement to sell the home. Whether you love the first home we see or the 13th, it costs you the same- zilch!  




Our Top Buyer Sales for March as well as our Jacksonville Beach Team Sales Agent for the month and quarter is Max Reyna with over $1.4 Million in overall sales.





Max – I think we see turnover in this business because people get into it thinking that the hustle of working hard is enough. That “effort” is the bare minimum, the bare standard to expect of yourself. The reality is that even if you’re working hard, it will still take time to build your business. Therefore, the agents that have been around the longest are usually doing well because they were persistent regardless of whether the market was hot or cold. The true professionals are proven over time, which is why referrals and recommendations flow toward the more experienced agents. 




Our Top Commercial Sales Agent for the March is Sam Davidson.






SamWhen it comes to commercial leases many people believe they will save money by working directly with the landlord. This is incorrect. An experienced commercial agent will have in depth market knowledge and will assist you in structuring the best deal for you and your business. On top of that the landlord will pay for your commercial agent’s services through a cooperating brokerage commission.


To all our customers we are truly grateful for your trust in us and appreciate your referrals.  If you are considering making a move this year call one of our great agents today to explore your options.  We are happy and proud to serve all your real estate needs.

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