Congratulations to all our Top Producers for August!

September 22, 2022


Davidson Realty is proud to announce our top real estate agents for August.  Read on as our best for August share their professional insights on some of the most sought-after questions in our local Northeast Florida market right now.




Our Top Producer for July is Margherite Myers with $1.2 million in closings.  Q&A with Margherite:





Q – What is the best advice you can give for someone moving from out of state?

Margherite – Since I have done this 6 times personally there are many things to consider.   First – Schools, even if you do not have children, top rated schools bring better resales with the home you are about to purchase.   Price is a big consideration.  Proximity to shopping and hospitals is also a consideration.  I personally drive through areas at all times of the day to see which communities I am comfortable in.  I am patient so if you are interested in purchasing here in NE Florida I am here to assist.





Our Top Listing and Overall Sales Agent is Mirtha Barzaga with over $1.2 million in overall sales. Q&A Mirtha:




Q – What is the best way to find my home’s TRUE value?

Mirtha – There are many websites that a homeowner can use to get an idea as to their current home value. Those sites however use properties located within a certain perimeter as comparable properties regardless of the property type.  They do not differentiate between the neighborhoods the home is in, the upgrades to the home or even the lot that the home is built on.  For a professional market analysis specific to your home, you should contact your trusted real estate advisor.  They will use statistical real time data for a property in addition to analyzing current market trends to determine a property’s market value.  





Davidson’s Top Producing and Top Sales Team for August is The Nemethy Group (Shelley & Tim Nemethy) with $2.6 million in sales.  Q&A with Shelley & Tim:




Q – What is the current inventory like in Northeast Florida?

Shelley & Tim – With well over 6,000 homes available for sale in Northeast Florida, we have seen a dramatic improvement in home inventory over the past three to four months. We are now seeing local buyers start to re-enter the market as it corrects. With more options available for buyers, they have more confidence in listing their current home, getting the value they desire and successfully finding a replacement home in Northeast Florida.





Our Top Producer for our Jacksonville Beach Team is Candy Gil.  Q&A with Candy:





Q – Is it better to stage your home or leave it empty when selling?

Candy – I get this question frequently and the answer is always the same, “it depends”.

If you own a small home, apartment, or townhome, it is fine to leave empty because the floor plan is self-explanatory.

However, if your home is bigger and it has a floor plan that is a bit ambiguous, it would be wise to stage it.

Sometimes people can’t envision how to use space in a home unless it’s a traditional floor plan.  





Our Top Sales Agent for our Jacksonville Beach Team this month is Caitlyn Hawkins.  Q&A with Caitlyn:





Q – How do you stay up to date with current trends and best practices?

Caitlyn – I heavily monitor all the major social media platforms to stay up to date with current trends. Whether it’s the latest staging design tips I could apply to listings from Pinterest, what is trending and how to make your listings stand out on Instagram, who is looking to move on Facebook, or what outrageously successful Realtors are doing differently on Tiktok, social media is a phenomenal resource to keep up with best practices. 





Davidson’s Top Commercial Agent for August is Sam Davidson with $2.8 million in closings. Q&A with Sam:




Q – What are the benefits of owning commercial real estate?

Sam – Commercial real estate has many important benefits, but my top three would be inflation, taxes, and leverage. One benefit many of my customers are focused on given the current state of the economy is that real estate is one of, if not the greatest, hedge against inflation. Another key benefit is that commercial real estate offers incredible tax benefits such as depreciation that can potentially be used to offset other income and tax deferment through programs such as 1031 Exchanges. The final benefit I would like to mention is leverage. Unlike many other asset classes, investors can use leverage to multiply their investment buying power.



We would love to hear from you!  Please let us know if you have questions of your own and we will have our experts weigh in with their professional advice.


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