Congratulations to our TOP Producers in February

March 27, 2024


As we bid farewell to the shortest month of the year, it is time recognize our TOP PERFORMERS for February! We proudly celebrate their outstanding accomplishments and their unwavering commitment to their customers! In addition to honoring them we also like to use this blog as a forum to share their professional advice. This month we asked them “What advice do you have for sellers or buyers who are on the fence about making a move right now? Please read on as they share their insights!

Our Top Producer, Top Lister and Top Overall Sales Agent for February is Mirtha Barzaga!
Mirtha – Real Estate prices I do not feel are going to go down further here, in the State of Florida County of St Johns particularly we have too much to offer and although inventory is improving there is still a lot of demand.
If buyers are worried about interest rates then my approach is: what mortgage payment are you comfortable with? Let’s get you into the house that fits your needs for that payment even if we need to buy the rate down to start. Later on you can always refinance and lower it even more, but by no means should you sacrifice your lifestyle or keep throwing away money in a rental when we can work out the numbers for you.





Our Top Producing and Top Sales Team for the month is The Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy!
Shelley and Tim – Buying or selling a home in any market can be a stressful experience. Questions that linger in the minds of buyers and sellers can cause them to second guess their desires and ultimately miss out on something they might really want! Are the rates too high? Are prices coming down? What if inventory levels go down and competition for homes become out of reach again? Did we miss the perfect time to sell our home? These are just a few thoughts running through the minds of buyers and sellers. We would never want anyone to have buyer’s remorse or to sell a home before they are ready. However, overthinking can lead to lost opportunities.

A home meets the needs of people at different stages of their lives. Allowing the real estate market and negative talk to hold us back from what makes sense now can cause us to miss out on living our best lives! Potential buyers could be stuck in a home that is too small, living in clutter and playing the waiting game with the market. Meanwhile, they are busting at the seams. On the flip side, potential buyers may be wanting a cozier place that suits a downsized lifestyle and they are overwhelmed with unnecessary space. Whatever the situation may be, we just can’t outsmart the real estate market. When the time to move comes, sometimes we just have to take the plunge.

Navigating through the real estate market at any time is best done with a true professional. If you are thinking of buying or selling and are unsure, let’s talk and we can help you decide if the time is right for you. We are a full-service real estate team and will share the truth of the market with you and then you can make up your own mind about if it is time to get off the fence!



The Top Producer for this month from our Jacksonville Beach Team is Candy Gil!
Candy – My advice to sellers is to get the advice of a realtor they trust, who knows the market and will give them the right price in which to list their house. Don’t go with what you think your house is worth.
Buyers, if you find the house you want do not let the interest rates prevent you from buying it. The interest rates might stay status quo for a while and if they drop substantially you can always refinance and be in your dream house.








The Top Sales Agent this month from our Jacksonville Beach Team is Jennifer Todd!
Jennifer – The housing market continues to challenge for buyers and sellers at this time. It is my opinion that if your goals are you need to make a move, don’t wait. Housing costs are not going to decline because there is still a demand. Interest rates are softening and there are some ARM rates that are attractive. At this time in the market your personal goals will dictate your decision.

We hope you found this information useful. If you have any follow-up questions or have questions of your own and want to speak with any of our TOP Agents, please contact us today! They are never too busy for you or your referrals!

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