Congratulations to our TOP Producers in September & the Third Quarter!

October 24, 2023


Summer has come to an end and so has the month of September and the Third Quarter of 2023.  We could not let it pass without recognizing our Top Producing Agents.  Once again, they have been hard at work helping customers navigate the ever-changing real estate market.


We are so proud of all their accomplishments!  Thanks to one of our readers for this month’s question seeking our TOPS advice: In your professional opinion what are the pros & cons of the rapid influx of people moving to our area in Northeast Florida?  How do you see this positively and/or negatively impacting our area in the future?




Our Top Producer for September is Bonnie Weinstein with over $2.2 Million is closings.





Bonnie – Northeast Florida is a rapidly expanding area.  With this comes Pros and Cons.  The impact of a rapid population influx depends on many factors, including how local authorities manage growth and development.  With proper planning and investment in infrastructure, education, and development, the area can see many benefits of the growing population, such as, economic growth, higher real estate and job opportunities.  Northeast Floridia has the resources to keep ahead of the negative impacts of this influx.  Many roadway extensions are in place, affordable housing is being added to help with the high cost of real estate.  There are also many new schools and hospitals being built. With continued planning and development, I see Northeast Florida with its pristine beaches, weather, and opportunity one of the best places in the country to call home! 





Our Top Producer and Top Buyer Sales for the 3rd Quarter is Reba Barkley with over $3.7 Million in closings and $1.4 Million in pending Sales.





Reba – The influx of new residents into Northeast Florida brings both promise and challenges, particularly in the real estate sector. Some of the pros and cons I see are:


    1. Increased Property Values: Rising demand can boost property values, benefiting homeowners from this appreciation.
    2. Diverse Housing Options: More demand leads to varied housing choices, catering to different budgets and preferences and attracting a wide range of buyers.
    3. Thriving Rental Market: A larger population can fuel the rental market, providing opportunities for real estate investors.
    4. Job Opportunities: The increased demand for housing often translates into more jobs in the real estate sector. This can create employment opportunities for real estate agents, brokers, construction workers, and related professionals.
    5. Economic Growth: The increased population can stimulate economic growth by creating a larger consumer base and increasing demand for goods and services. This can lead to more job opportunities and a stronger local economy.
    6. Cultural Diversity: A growing population can bring a more diverse and vibrant cultural environment, offering a wider range of culinary experiences, art, and entertainment options.
    7. Infrastructure Development: The need to accommodate a larger population can drive investments in infrastructure, including roads, public transportation, and schools, leading to improved quality of life.


  1. Rising Housing Costs: While property values increase, this can lead to higher housing costs. For first-time buyers or those with limited budgets, this can make it challenging to enter the housing market, potentially leading to increased rental demand.
  2. Limited Affordable Housing: Rapid population growth might outstrip the development of affordable housing options, leaving a portion of the population struggling to find housing within their budget. This can create social and economic disparities.
  3. Infrastructure Strain: The real estate market growth might surpass the capacity of existing infrastructure. Inadequate roads, public transportation, and utilities can make living in certain areas less desirable, impacting property values and market demand.


The impact of an influx of people into Northeast Florida depends on the area’s capacity to manage and adapt to the demographic changes. However, challenges such as rising housing costs and infrastructure strain require careful management to ensure a balanced and sustainable growth trajectory in our area.




Our Top Producing Team in both closings and pending sales for the month and the Quarter is the Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy.  They had over $2 Million in closings and over $1.9 Million in overall pending sales in the quarter.




Shelley & Tim – Many people are flocking to Florida and with good reason! In our opinion, we live in the best area of the United States! Keeping up with the growth can be challenging, but our local government is doing a great job! New schools, shopping, medical facilities, sports complexes and other necessities are being provided to help support the influx of new residents. Looking for a better life is human nature and we hope that our new residents are finding this in Northeast Florida! The Nemethy Group Welcomes You!





Our Top Producer of our Jacksonville Beach Team for September is Caitlyn Hawkins with $505,000 in closings.




CaitlynThe desirability of living in the Northeast Florida area is undeniable. The US Census reported that 319,000 people moved to Florida last year, and a good chunk of them landed here in Jax. While that puts a strain on traffic while FDOT infrastructure is being improved, it increases the value of your home without having to have made any kind of improvements to it. This also brings booming new businesses and opportunities for growth within our communities. 




Our Top Producer and Top Sales Agent of our Jacksonville Beach Team for the Quarter is Jennifer Todd with over $550,000 in closings and $550,000 pending sales.





Jennifer Real Estate is constantly presenting a new twist!  How to deal with these opportunities means an agent better be on the Ready! Florida has seen a steady growth for years but nothing like we have experienced in the past few years!  The infrastructure has really struggled to meet the demands.  It’s presented a constant “under construction” for homes, housing in general, schools, roads, grocery stores and the list goes on.  This has kept our employment status on the positive.

I see northeast Florida doing an amazing job with the opportunity/ challenge!  




Our Top Lister, and Top Overall Sales Agent for September and the 3rd Quarter with over $3 Million in overall pending sales is Mirtha Barzaga.




Mirtha – In my professional opinion the fast influx of people moving to this area has helped tremendously our property values.  The fact that most of the purchases have been solid purchases either cash or conventional loans is also a good sign that the market being created is a healthy one.

For a long time especially in the St Johns County area we had been waiting for the commercial activity to bring in more shopping and restaurants. Now, due to the number of new rooftops added that progress is finally here.

The county is also benefiting from all the new construction and new assessed values which is a plus for the development of a healthy economy.




Our Top Buyer Sales for September is Terri Apodaca with over $579,000 in pending sales.





Terri – When I relocated here in 2006, I felt that Florida welcomed me with open arms and I would certainly do the same for others.  I can remember, at that time, seeing open fields with bales of hay and cattle grazing.  It reminded me of my more rural roots in VA and that felt like home.  What I did miss was having easy access to day-to-day shopping and restaurants.  I feel like the growth has allowed for the increase in retail spaces and I LOVE that. 


The only challenge I find that may be coming from the rapid growth is not having roadway expansions in place prior.  I used to always tell my clients that they were “about 20 minutes” from just about any starting point to their destination of choice.  Now, it would be nothing to tack on an extra 10-15 minutes and you’d be wise to use the map app of your choice prior to leaving to assist you with the quickest commute.  Still, I’ve happily assisted families and individuals relocating to Florida from Connecticut to California and numerous states in between.  My motto is “Everyone Needs a Place to Live” and if you are choosing Florida, I want to help you get here.


To all our customers we are truly grateful for your trust in us and appreciate your referrals.  If you are considering making a move this fall, please call one of our great agents today to explore your options.  We are happy and proud to serve all your real estate needs.

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