Congratulations to all our TOP Producers in May!

June 19, 2023


May the month known to represent love and success proved to be true here at Davidson Realty.  Lots of both going around as we celebrate and acknowledge our TOPS this month!  It is always insightful to hear from our best so this month we asked them for their advice that could help future home sellers.  We asked them for anyone thinking of selling their home what are their TOP 3 recommendations for sellers to consider or do before they hit the market. Please read on as they share their helpful tips.




Our Top Producer is Mirtha Barzaga with over $2.1 million in closings for the month.






Mirtha – When I meet with a prospective seller I go through their home and give them a detailed list of my top recommendations.

  • Usually this includes giving them a punch list of things I notice that should be repaired and give them vendors they could use in case they need them.
  • Since curb appeal is so important in attracting prospective buyers, I also recommend they pressure wash the house and driveway, as the home should look as fresh as possible.  In continuing with the outside landscaping is a must! I recommend revamping beds, proper trimming, and mulch if necessary.
  • Another key tip I strongly suggest to sellers is to Declutter.   Less is more!  You want buyers walking in and being able to appreciate the space and picture themselves in the house. Pack away everything you can, after all you are moving.  Whatever you are still using in showers or kitchen, keep in a plastic basket that can be put away when the showings are taking place.




Our Top Lister and Top Overall Sales for May is Reba Barkley with over $1.3 Million in pending sales.






  1. First impressions matter, and the exterior of the home can peak a Buyer’s interest in anticipation of what will be seen inside. A manicured lawn pruned and shaped shrubbery, seasonal plantings, welcome mat, and wreath on the door sets a positive tone before a Buyer enters the home.
  2. Less is more when selling a home. Buyers need to picture themselves living in the home, which means decluttering, depersonalizing, and minimizing furnishings and accessories. Eliminate any distractions that will interfere with the focus on the highlights of the home and what makes it stand out among other listings.                         
  3. A neutral color palette works with most furnishings, gives Buyers a clearer perception of how their items will fit in the home, and can eliminate a Buyer calculation of an out-of-pocket cost of repainting. 


The overall focus of preparing a home for sale is appealing to the majority of buyers,  working towards having a move-in-ready home, and highlighting features that make the home “stand out” and a  Buyer feeling that “this is the one!”





Our Top Producing Team in Closings and Sales for May is The Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy.  They had over$2.5 Million in sales for the month.





Shelley & Tim – Before listing your biggest investment remember the three P’s; Professionalism, Preparation and Price. .

Hiring a professional and seasoned Realtor that can guide a seller in this tricky market towards a successful sale should be a major consideration for any Seller. The professional Realtor will help the seller with the Preparation of selling their home with staging ideas, possible repairs and helping it to shine above the competition. The professional Realtor also is key in a successful pricing strategy.


Call Tim or Shelley if you are considering listing your home, and we can sit down for a free consultation.






The Top Producer and Top Sales Agent of our Jacksonville Beach Team for the May is Jennifer Todd with over $1.3 Million in closings.





Jennifer – Preparing your home to sell is extremely important to achieve getting the best price and a quick sale.

Here are a few of my suggestions to every seller .


  1.  Curb Appeal! The buyers first impression of your home starts as they drive up. You should power wash the exterior and freshen landscaping and mulch.
  2. A sparking clean home and free of clutter allows the buyer to visualize their family living in the house.
  3. Do not “over scent” your home. Buyers could be allergic!


Go visit a model home, it will give you the experience of what a buyer is thinking when they visit your home!


I would love to help you get your home ready to sell. Give me a call so we can have a simple plan to get you moving toward a pleasant selling experience!



We hoped you found this informative!  We have so much respect and admiration for these agents and are grateful they are able to share with others who could greatly benefit from their professionalism.  If you or someone you know have questions of your own, please do not hesitate to contact one of our TOPS today!

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