Congratulations to all our Top Producers for February 2023!

March 27, 2023


February 2023 continues to be active in the northeast Florida real estate world especially here at Davidson Realty.  Our team continues to be at the forefront helping our customers buy and sell all types of property.  We want to congratulate our TOP Producers for a successful February!  As we spring forward into March, we thought we would ask our top performers for their favorite top spring break “staycation” spots in our area.  Please read on for their “go to” recommendations!




Our Top Producer and Top Lister for February is Bonnie Weinstein with over $1.1 Million in closings.





Bonnie – My husband and I believe in staycations! Whenever we find time to take a long weekend, we book an oceanfront room on St. Augustine beach. We come home feeling relaxed and refreshed. However, staycations are not the only way we enjoy the beautiful Old City. Dinner outings in downtown St. Augustine are a classic. My favorite spots to grab a bite are Casa Reina, when I am in the mood for the best tacos in town, and The Raintree, when I am looking for a moonlit date night. Whatever I am doing, I am always happy to be doing it in St Augustine!!





The Top Producing and Top Sales Team for the month is The Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy with $550,000 in closings.




Shelley and Tim – Recently we moved to our favorite “Staycation” spot here in Crescent Beach on Anastasia Island. Crossing over the 206 bridge to the island gives us that staycation feeling every day. Walking over and spending time on the beautiful white sandy beaches, riding our electric bikes to our favorite eateries like “Stir It Up” and “Café Eleven” are big highlights to our “live in – Staycation”. Watching the sunset on the Intracoastal at the end of the day while fishing at one of our favorite secret spots is our idea of the perfect daily staycation.






Our Top Sales Agent for February is Mirtha Barzaga with over $2.5 Million in sales.





Mirtha – I have a problem with “staycations” since I’m a workaholic and our business is so time sensitive and demanding.  I just can’t be in an area without internet access or a place where I am not able to pick up calls or answer e-mails to put out fires.  For me to rest, I need to be on an island or a cruise ship where internet access is limited and even at that I find a way sometimes to work.


I do love our little town (St Augustine) and there are a lot of places I love to visit in my limited free time or if I have out of town visitors or customers. I love taking them into the old city, visiting the St Augustine Distillery, San Sebastian Winery, walking St George Street, and stopping for pizza at Pizzalley’s.  I love to top it off with a good Ice cream at Kilwin’s on the walk back to the car.


Another one of my favorites is visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche, walking the beautiful grounds and sitting in a bench there to reflect on life surrounded by the peace that you can only feel in such a place.


Anastasia Beach is my favorite area to enjoy a short visit to the beach and maybe a stop to the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum.  If my company has small children, The Alligator Farm is my place to take them or touring Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.  There is a lot of history to explore in our little historical town, enough that you can find something to do almost every day.






The Top Producer for this month from our Jacksonville Beach Team is Caitlyn Hawkins with over $900,000 in closings.




Caitlyn – If you want to get away without really going away, Amelia Island/Fernandina is the perfect place. Take a gorgeous seaside drive through the “North Florida Keys” or my personal favorite, hop on the Mayport Ferry to get there. That’s an experience in and of itself! The beach is quiet and relaxing, the downtown shopping is quirky and cute, and you can eat your weight in fresh seafood caught right off our shores. And if you have a boat, you can even beach it out on a sandbar! It truly feels like you’re hours away at a resort, but you’re just north of Jacksonville! 





The Top Sales Agent this month from our Jacksonville Beach Team is Candy Gil with over $750,000 in sales.




Candy – With our beautiful beaches so accessible, I say, grab a chair, a good book and head to the beach. Once you’re tired of reading, hunt for shark’s teeth or sea glass. If in the mood for shopping, visit Cottage By The Sea and MOS, these are two of my favorite local shops.  Of course, after a hard day of shopping, you must grab a casual bite at Al’s Pizza or if in the mood for a little fancier, try Café Andiamo.  Obviously, I like Italian cuisine.



These are just a few of the many wonderful places to visit or things to do around our beautiful first coast that we get to call home.  If you or someone you know is thinking of making a move and want to explore everything northeast Florida has to offer, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of these top-notch people and performers!


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