Congratulations to all our Top Producers for October!

November 23, 2022


In the spirit of giving with the holiday season quickly approaching, Davidson Realty wants to express our gratitude for all of our wonderful agents who work tirelessly to serve their customers and community in the ever-changing real estate market.  We especially want to recognize our top performers for October and share with you some of their most memorable experiences in real estate they are grateful for.  Read on as we acknowledge them for their achievements, and they share their heartfelt memories.



Our Top Producer for October with over $1.7 million in closings is Liz Pappaceno.






Liz – My most memorable experiences that I had in my real estate career is more than one with the same customers.  I met them when I was working rental in the Fall of 2014.  They were a British couple moving to Northeast Florida from North Carolina.  I was trying to find them a rental before they went back to North Carolina.  We found something on their last day here.  They applied for the property but did not have any way of getting the funds to the Property Management Company quickly for them to process the rental application.  I drove to the property management company’s office and paid the rental application fee in order for their application to be processed so they could secure the rental. 


They did pay me back in abundance.  The story continues.


 In 2017 I assisted them when they were ready to purchase their first home in the United States.  After showing them many homes, I showed them a house which was my listing (It was also my personal property).  During the Inspection process another home in the neighborhood came on the market which I thought was better suited for them.  They decided they liked the other house better.  I allowed them out of the contract and returned their escrow to them allowing them to buy the other home which they did.


They have referred me to many customers over the years but what I am most grateful for is their friendship.  If it was not for my real estate business, I would have never met them.  I am truly grateful for them and for all the other friends I now have if it was not for my real estate career.

I am truly blessed.





Our Top Producing and Top Sales Team for October is The Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy.





Shelley & Tim – Recently, we have had the privilege and honor of selling the home of a true hero and veteran of the United States Army. We helped Scott and Joann Wilkerson buy their home in Fruit Cove back in 2015 and then helped them sell it this year with a profit of 369,000! This enabled him to retire comfortably, buy a lovely home and move back to their hometown in Oklahoma where they could be close to family. Not only did he serve our country with honor, he is a true patriot and Joann is a true gem! They were so thankful throughout the process and even had some tears of joy when we brokered the fantastic deal for them. Thank you, Scott and Joann Wilkerson for serving our country. We were blessed and thankful to be able to serve you!





The Top Producer of our Jacksonville Beach Team this month is Jennifer Todd.






Jennifer– This time of year reminds us of the many things we are thankful for, family, friends, and health. This year I want to thank my Davidson Realty family for blessing my life for over 20 years. Through my association with Davidson, I have had the privilege to build a wonderful business, allowing me to develop loyal customers who many have become lifelong friends.  Most importantly the Davidson Family have been true examples of commitment to the community and that by giving of yourself you are the recipient of many gifts. I am truly blessed.





Our Top Overall Sales Agent for October is Mirtha Barzaga.






Mirtha– My most memorable experiences have been more than I can count but getting young couples into their first homes always makes me cry of joy.

However, helping families through difficult situations due to health, or changes in their life, especially the elder generation has touched my heart a few times.   I think the most moving one was an older gentleman who had just lost his wife of more than 50 years.  He could not bear the thought of moving from their home even though he knew the right thing for him due to his age and health was to move into assisted living.   I had to take him to see different places until we found the right one.  My son and his wife helped me clear out his wife’s belongings and we successfully moved him into his new home where he would get the care he needed.  He was so heart broken and lonesome that for the longest time I would make time to take him to lunch often to make sure he was ok and he had someone to talk to.




The Top Commercial Producer for October is Sam Davidson.






Sam – My most memorable experience was assisting my close friends with the purchase of their first home. Due to market conditions we had to place offers on multiple homes over a 4 or 5 month period. They would be so disappointed when we would lose out to another buyer. The day they closed and I saw the look on their faces as they walked into their new home made all the hard work worth it.



We hope you enjoyed reading about our top agents’ heartfelt memories.  To all our customers we are truly grateful for your trust in us and appreciate and cherish your support and referrals.

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