Congratulations to all our Top Producers for July!

August 18, 2022


Davidson Realty is proud to announce our top agents for the month of July.  Get to know our top real estate advisors with a special Q & A with them.




Our Top Producer (Closings) for July is Mirtha Barzaga with $1.7 million in closings.  Q&A with Mirtha:





Q1 – What advice do you have for anyone looking to buy right now?

Mirtha – Get Pre-approved or have your finances in order before you begin your search.  Learn the different areas.  Your agent can educate and serve as a valuable resource in discovering what is ideal for you.  Plan your time accordingly for either a re-sale or new construction purchase.  If you are selling and buying, use the same agent for both transactions so they can coordinate the timing for both. 


Q2 – What local charities are most important to you and why?

Mirtha – I support the St Johns County Homeless Coalition all the way, but also contribute to the American Cancer Society, the MS Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association and the local Schools ROTC, Band or Sports programs.


Q3 – What is your favorite local beach spot and why?

Mirtha – Anastasia State Park, because it is surrounded by nature, and it just seems more natural.






Our Top Listing Agent is Margherite Myers with $900,000 listings sold. Q&A with Margherite:





Q1 – What is your favorite local restaurant and favorite dish to eat there?

Margherite – I have many favorite restaurants but I really enjoy going to the country club at TPC and ordering their flatbread with wine during Happy Hour .  They recommend great wines and they have become my favorites.    

Ford Garage is also a great local restaurant and of course Caps on the Water for great seafood.


Q2 – What pitfalls or mistakes should sellers or buyers avoid?

Margherite – The biggest pitfall a buyer can make is to get emotional over a property.    And likewise, when a seller decides to sell his home, it now becomes a house and do not get emotional or sensitive to criticism.


Q3 – What’s the best way to contact you?

Margherite – Best way to contact me is my cell phone and I also check emails, but I prefer cell phone 803-413-3181.





Our Top Overall Sales Agent and Top Producer for our Jacksonville Beach Team is Candy Gil with $1.2 million in closings and over $900,000 in sales.  Q&A with Candy:




Q1 – What advice do you have for anyone looking to sell or buy right now?

Candy – The best advice I can give a buyer is to be approved by a trustworthy lender before they even start house shopping.  Know what you can afford and what mortgage payments you are going to be comfortable with.


Q2 – What would you be doing if you were not helping people buy or sell homes?

Candy – I don’t see myself doing anything else for quite a while but if I wasn’t helping people with their real estate needs, I would be taking care of my granddaughters, 3yr. old and 3 months old.

Also, playing more golf in hopes of getting better. 😊


Q3 – What’s the best way to contact you?

Candy – The best way to contact me is either by phone, 904.635.2954 or email,





Davidson’s Top Producing Team for July is The Nemethy Group (Shelley & Tim Nemethy). Q&A with Shelley & Tim:




Q1 – What is your favorite thing about working in real estate? 

Shelley & Tim – We love working together as a team! Having a flexible schedule and working for ourselves is so appealing. Even though sometimes it seems like we work all the time, we at least enjoy what we are doing and enjoy the breaks when we can. 


Q2 – What’s happening in this area, and how could that impact home prices? 

Shelley & Tim – We live in Florida! Everyone seems to want to be here. However, with more inventory beginning to come on the market and interest rates going up, we may see home prices leveling out and it could become a more even buyers/sellers’ market. 


Q3 – How do you help buyers compete in this market?

Shelley & Tim – It is extremely important to make sure a buyer is preapproved. We also spend time discussing strategies with them that will help them win in this market. Moving forward, if they know what they need to do to get the home of their dreams, they will be ready to win.


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