Congratulations to our TOP Producers for July!

August 19, 2020


Concerned about the real estate market? Davidson Realty’s team of agents closed another stellar month of real estate transactions proving NOW is the time to sell your home. And if you’re looking to buy a home, our Davidson Realty team is here to help you with that, too.


Davidson Realty kicked off the third-quarter with a strong month of home sales. Our agents at our St. Augustine and Beaches offices ended the month with 49 closings totaling more than $16.5 Million in volume. Congratulations to Davidson Realty’s Top Producers for your hard work during July. 


The Top Producer with the most closings for the month is Suzy Evans. Suzy had five closings for more than $2.5 Million. Suzy’s years of experience are evident in her service to her clients. She is ranked in the Top 2% of all Northeast Florida Realtors. 




Mirtha Barzaga was our Top Sales Agent for the month of July. She had more than $1.8 Million in sales and four home sales. Mirtha has been recognized as one of Davidson Realty’s top agents in both service and production. 




Davidson Realty’s Top Listing Agent for the month of July was Candy Gil with more than $450,000 in listings sold. Candy helped two of her clients sell their homes. Candy is dedicated to her clients and particularly enjoys working with first-time home buyers and downsizing retirees. 




Once again, Shelley and Tim Nemethy of The Nemethy Group were Davidson Realty’s Top Producing and Top Sales Team. Shelley and Tim had more than $3.8 Million in closings and more than $2.6 Million in sales for the month of July. Team Nemethy is an incredibly dynamic duo and continues to provide top-notch service to their clients.



Caitlyn Hawkins was Davidson Realty’s Top Producer for our Jacksonville Beach office last month. Caitlyn had more than $525,000 in closings and continues to help homeowners quickly sell their homes. In addition to her passion for Real Estate, Caitlyn enjoys blogging on a variety of topics ranging from Design to Real Estate Tips. 




Davidson Realty’s Jacksonville Beach Real Estate office had Steve Rodriguez as their Top Sales Agent in July with $500,000 in sales. Steve is phenomenal and helps his clients navigate the home buying and selling process with ease. He has repeatedly been named among Davidson Realty’s top agents in production and sales.



Congratulations to the entire team at Davidson Realty and especially to these Top Producers! If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Northeast Florida, let one of our experienced agents help you.

Congratulations to our TOP Producing Agents in May!

June 8, 2020


I would like to congratulate our entire team for a great month in May. We had sales of $15 Million which is an amazing month and a wonderful surprise following April where everyone was staying at home due to COVID-19.


The Top Producer with the most closings in May is Delilah Salameh. I continuously receive feedback from Delilah’s customers about her genuine concern and her constant communication. Delilah was born and raised in Jacksonville and can help her customers no matter where they prefer to live.



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Congratulations to the Top Producing Agents for March & the 1st Quarter of 2020.

April 9, 2020


I would like to congratulate our team for a great month of March and a great quarter. Our Top agents deserve special recognition.


Suzy Evans is our Top Producer for March with $2.3 Million in closings for the month. Suzy uses technology and her negotiation skills to set herself apart. She works tirelessly to help her customers achieve their goals.



Lynn Whitley is our Top Sales agent for March. Lynn has been in real estate for over 20 years and is always learning more. She is a Broker Associate and has many designations. Lynn’s customers appreciate the time she spends with them making them very comfortable with the sales process.


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Davidson Realty helps support Volunteer Life Saving Corps at Deck the Chairs

November 26, 2019


For the second year, Davidson Realty is proud to participate as a sponsor of Deck the Chairs at Jacksonville Beach!


The Deck the Chairs light display is a tradition that benefits Volunteer Life Saving Corps. Sponsorship proceeds helps the Corps to continue providing lifeguard services to our beaches.



Our display, titled “Santa’s Surf Shack,” was a true labor of love by the agents and staff at Davidson Realty. A team headed up by Sales & Training Manager Andrea Gallagher sketched and planned the design and Realtor Matt Roberts managed the construction. The team used Santa’s beach house from last year’s display and added standing surfboards, a new sign and a halfpipe “wave” that is perfect for photo ops!


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Pavered Pool Decking

February 27, 2019


Did you know that statistically, the best time to purchase a home with a pool is in January?  With the exception of a few days here and there in Florida, the first month of the year is the peak of the “off season” for pool usage. Shoot– most of us here put on a jacket and closed toed shoes when the temperature drops below 70′. While its obviously still nice to have a pool, it’s not at at the forefront of a buyer’s mind during that time so homes with them can be scooped up at a lower price.


Keeping that in mind, can you guess historically when the best time to sell a home with a pool is? The answer is the hottest month of the year: August. Buyers will be more enticed by the cool, calming water once the thermometer has hit the high notes, much to a seller’s advantage. Generally speaking, making any pool decking upgrades/repairs in the summer could cost you more as well due to a higher demand.


In the winter, again since pools are not in the foreground of most folk’s mind, pool contractors may have special $ saving deals running to improve decking, pumps, etc.  Whether you are buying a home with a pool, putting  a pool into a home you have just purchased, or looking to refresh your existing pool, there are some options as to how you can approach spicing up your deck installation.


Take this pool for example:

Before: Pool with Kool decking.

This pool was 20 years old at the time of home purchase, and the decking started to have some typical cracking and wear. During escrow, the new owner began to tinker with the idea of replacement.


Pool decking can be comprised of many materials. You can use Kool deck, pavers, acrylic, and other variations in concrete, tile and brick. Some pool pavers and bricks even go so far as to be permable vs impermeable  (more on that to come). Here’s a brief breakdown of the most popular decks:


Kool decking is that- very cool. As in neat in and of itself and to the touch. The material it is comprised of has been successful in keeping your toes from burning before you jump in for nearly 60 years. It is very durable, but has to be installed by a experienced professional with expertise in knowing exactly when to apply to fresh concrete. Repairs can be tricky for the same reason.


Pavers are my personal favorite. Depending on the type you choose, they can be costly in regard to the material itself, but they are very easy on the eye. Their texture can also aid in slip resistance, and as long as you keep up with sealing maintenance and cleaning they will last you a very long time. Their durability is remarkable, and they can withstand the elements with ease and little (if any) shifting. For a full  pavered pool being installed from start to finish, read this story.


Another pool with a paver pool deck 


Acrylic topper cleans up rather easy and is said to be cool to the touch but not as cool as Kool decking. It can also be slightly slippery (I’m looking at you huge scar on my thigh from childhood!) and surprisingly a little costly to have installed.


Concrete is a great option in terms of versatility in color, appearance, and cost. You can have it textured, stamped, shaped, and poured in a variety of different ways in order to mimic stone or just about anything your aquatic heart desires. Main pitfalls-  the rougher texture can irritate your feet and widespread changes in temperature can cause cracking and consequentially, trip hazards.


Before: built in hot tub with Kool decking.


Although her Kool decking was in great shape overall, the new homeowner decided to spruce things up and switch over to pavers for aesthetic reasons. Check out the major difference it made with the hot tub!


After: built in hot tub with paver decking.


The end result came out so incredible, she decided to also extend the pavers out into an impressive fire pit.



I think this transformation came out absolutely swimmingly. Which decking would you choose?




Side note: The home this pool is at is dear to my heart, because its actually the 1st home I showed with my firstborn! 3 weeks old and getting a jump-start on his real estate career. My official first Closing with Car Seat.


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