Congratulations to our TOP Producers in January

February 28, 2024


January 2024 is in the books for us as Davidson Realty . Our team is hard at work selling lots of real estate as usual. We want to congratulate our TOP Producers for a successful January! We asked our Top Agents this month “What is one thing you learned from your last transaction that could benefit your future customers?” Please read on as they share their insights!


Our Top Producer, Top Lister and Top Overall Sales Agent for January is Terri Apodaca with over $1 Million in closings.
Terri – One lesson learned from my last transaction is the importance of clear and frequent communication and transparency throughout the entire process. Ensuring that all parties involved have a thorough understanding of the terms, conditions, and expectations and revisiting those items often can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes down the line if circumstances change for one party. This includes being upfront about potential costs, timelines, and any possible challenges that may arise.

Every interaction I have with a customer has the potential to present what might seem like an obstacle. However, these obstacles provide invaluable insights, allowing me to anticipate scenarios where proactive measures may be necessary. Establishing an environment of open communication and transparency is key to effectively navigating these challenges and achieving successful outcomes for all involved.



Our Top Producing and Top Sales Team for the month is The Nemethy Group with Shelley and Tim Nemethy!
Shelley and Tim – Our most recent transaction was new construction. We worked with our buyers from dirt to completion. We have assisted many buyers with a new construction transaction, but this was a good reminder that every buyer should have representation throughout the building process. There are many wonderful builders in Northeast Florida, but having a professional on your side representing you each step of the way is key. The contract that a builder uses is different than the general real estate contract. In many cases it favors the builder and explaining the differences to a buyer is important so they will know what to expect along the way. Keeping track of the progress, making site visits and having a relationship with the building superintendent are all ways to ensure our buyers have a successful experience in the new construction process.





The Top Producer for this month from our Jacksonville Beach Team is Jennifer Todd!
Jennifer – After each and every closing I remind myself that buyers and sellers do not navigate a contract all the time and how critical it is for me to help them understand the terms and timelines and help them manage their expectations. Most of the task and dates are routine for agents! That is certainly not so for them. Simply put, NOTE TO SELF!








The Top Sales Agent this month from our Jacksonville Beach Team is Candy Gil!
Candy – My last transaction was very challenging. However, it reinforced our mission in Davidson Realty, “ Value People First…Before Over and Above Everything Else.
There are times that our customers need for us to be there to listen even if it has nothing to do with the transaction. It’s a people business not a real estate business. I will continue to value my customers and be there for them even after closing.






We hope you enjoyed reading their experiences. We are always learning in this business! To all our customers we are truly grateful for your trust and appreciate your referrals. If you are considering making a move call one of our great agents today to explore your options.

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