Congratulations to our TOP Producers in November!

December 19, 2023


The holiday season is in full swing much like our agents at Davidson Realty.  We want to especially recognize our top agents for November as we are so proud of all they have achieved and all they have served!  We thought it would be informative to ask their professional advice about buying or selling during this time of year. We asked them specifically: What is the number one tip or best advice you would give anyone thinking about buying or selling a home/property during the holiday season?  Here are some of their responses:




Our overall Top Producer and our Top Producer of our Jacksonville Beach team for November is Jennifer Todd with $815,000 in closings for the month.




Jennifer – The Holiday Season can be a challenge to both buyers and sellers. Access to homes could be limited to buyers for many reasons and sellers are trying to juggle family, cooking and keeping the house in showing condition. The best way to make buying or selling at this time of year is FLEXIBILITY and PATIENCE!  


If a buyer has really done their research with their agent prior to looking, the selection process should be narrowed down to 5 or less homes.  


If a seller elects to have their home on the market during the holidays, they are more motivated to accommodate showings.  


With that being said, make the most of the experience and have a Big Red Bow ready!




Our Top Lister for November is Margherite Myers with over a half million in pending listings under contract for the month.




Margherite – The number one tip for a Realtor advising clients on selling or purchasing a home during the holidays is to emphasize the importance of flexibility. Encourage your clients to be open-minded about scheduling showings, inspections, and closings, as the holiday season can bring challenges such as varying availability, travel plans, and potential weather disruptions.


For sellers:

  • Flexible Showing Schedules: Advise sellers to be accommodating with showing times, understanding that buyers may have limited availability due to holiday events or travel plans. Consider using virtual tours or high-quality photos to showcase the property, allowing buyers to get a sense of the home even if an in-person visit is challenging.

For buyers:

  • Be Open to Opportunities: Remind buyers that the holiday season can present unique opportunities, with fewer competing buyers in the market. Encourage them to stay vigilant and be ready to move quickly if they find the right property. Additionally, advise them to be understanding of potential delays in the buying process, such as the availability of professionals like inspectors and appraisers.

In both cases, fostering a spirit of flexibility and understanding will go a long way in navigating the real estate market during the holidays.




Our Top Overall Sales Agent and Top Sales Agent of our Jacksonville Beach Team is Candy Gil with over 1.2 million in pending sales.




Candy – Since the holiday season is a very busy time of the year, homeowners typically wait till after the holidays to put their house on the market, however, there are instances where you have no choice due to life circumstances.  Therefore, I recommend that your holiday decorations are kept to a minimum, but you still want to express the spirit of the season.  Keep in mind that buyers that are looking during the holidays are probably very serious buyers, otherwise they would wait.





Our Top Commercial Agent for the month is Sam Davidson with over 2.7 million in closings.





Sam – During this time of year many people are taking time off to spend the holiday season with their families, so I always encourage both buyers and sellers to give themselves plenty of time within the contract. Everything takes a bit longer this time of year and the transaction will be much less stressful if neither party is rushed.


We hope you found their advice insightful.  In the spirit of gratitude this season, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of them. Their exceptional dedication and commitment to serving customers with excellence is the driving force behind our achievements, and we look forward to continued success together.  Wishing you and them all the best this holiday and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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