Congratulations to all our Top Producers for September & the Third Quarter!

October 26, 2022


Davidson Realty is proud to announce our top real estate agents for September and for the 3rd Quarter of 2022.  Read on as our best share their professional insights on some of the most sought-after questions in our local Northeast Florida market right now.




Our Top Producer for September and the 3rd Quarter is Suzy Evans with $2.3 million in closings.  Q&A with Suzy:





Q – How do you stay up to date with current trends and best practices?

Suzy – Living in St. Johns County and selling real estate from Jacksonville to Palm Coast I spend many miles in my car.  Saturating this time listening to podcasts and participating in the social network “Clubhouse” I am able to connect with realtors & supporting professionals all over the country. As part of this round table of agents we are able to share best practices, new ideas and experiences.  As a CRS, Certified Residential Specialist I am afforded the opportunity for extensive advanced continuing education to stay on top of local and National market trends.   Frequent communications with my preferred mortgage lenders keep me informed of influential factors in mortgage rates. 






Davidson’s Top Producing and Top Sales Team for September and the 3rd Quarter is The Nemethy Group (Shelley & Tim Nemethy) with $3.5 million in sales.  Q&A with Shelley & Tim:




Q – What are some examples of home projects that will increase the value of a home before selling?

Shelley & Tim – A buyer is attracted to a well-maintained house. In our experience, they don’t mind as much dealing with some upgrades if the home’s major components will not be a concern for them (Roof, HVAC, Hot Water Heater, Plumbing, Electrical).  We always like to walk through the house with the seller and ask them to look at it as if they were the potential buyers. Buyers are pickier as the market adjusts and it is so important to present a clean home that smells good. Invest in having a deep professional clean, put some fresh paint on the walls and baseboards and replace or clean any carpets, if necessary. Finally, think about the curb appeal. The landscaping should be pleasing to the eye as the potential buyer walks up to the house. Don’t forget about the backyard, as well!






The Top Producer of our Jacksonville Beach Team for September and the 3rd Quarter is Candy Gil with over $2.1 million in closings.  Candy is also our Top Sales Agent for the quarter of our Jacksonville Beach Team. Q&A with Candy:




Q – Should sellers get a home inspection before listing?

Candy – If a seller would like a home inspection prior to selling his/her home, it should be done to assist them in finding out repairs that should be made in advance.  However, if seller has been diligent in maintaining home, I would suggest not to because chances are that the buyer will hire an inspector.





Our Top Sales Agent for the month and the quarter is Liz Pappaceno with over $2.7 million in overall sales. Q&A Liz:





Q – What are the most critical skills you use when helping someone buy or sell a home?

LizThe skills I use to help my customers buy or sell a home is I listen to what is important to them.  Sometimes they don’t know what they really want until they see it or think about it.  I also try to make my customers feel as if they are my only customer.  There are times my schedule makes that challenging, but I make every effort to make them feel special to me.  Also, I always remind them that whether they are selling or buying it is a big decision, there will be lots of questions and “what if’s”, my role is to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable in their decision.  Sometimes they just need to be reassured and told it is normal to feel worried.  This is usually the biggest transaction people make, and my goal is to make it as seamless as possible.





Our Top Listing Agent for the month and the quarter is Lynn Whitley with over $1.3 million in listings sold and $2.1 million in total sales. Q&A Lynn:





Q – Is it a good time to invest in property in Northeast Florida?

Lynn – We are currently in a market with ample and reasonably priced homes for buyers to choose from.  Although interest rates are higher than in the recent past, they are still low compared to the early part of this century.

“Now” is always a good time to invest in property, especially in Florida.  Florida has become a sought-after destination and St. Johns County is particularly popular with young families and retirees alike. Whether starting an investment portfolio or looking to secure your dream home, our reasonable prices combined with enviable schools and mild weather make this a great place to live.





Our Top Sales Agent for our Jacksonville Beach Team this month is Jennifer Todd with over $500,000 in total sales.  Q&A with Jennifer:





Q – Why is it important to use a real estate agent?

Jennifer – First, through constant education they know the contracts and procedures to ensure you are protected. Their continued research guarantees they understand this continuously changing market. But most important,  you have someone to guide you, help you find homes that best suit your requirements and you have someone who is there to guide you every step of the way. My 27 years of experience is waiting to help you!





Davidson’s Top Commercial Agent for the month and quarter is Sam Davidson with $3.3 million in closings. Q&A with Sam:





Q – What is your favorite new development being built in Northeast Florida?

Sam – I would say the best new development in the area would be Silverleaf. Silverleaf has an incredible mix of builders including Mastercraft and Riverside Homes, which are two of my favorites. It is also the only project of its size in this area that has no CDD, which I believe is a huge benefit to both homeowner and commercial users.



We hope you found this information from our top experts useful.  If you have a question of your own, we would love to hear from you!  Please let us know and we will have our experts weigh in with their professional advice.

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