The Benefits of a Pre-Inspection

June 24, 2024

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Sellers may read pre-inspection and think, “Oh goodness, what’s that, another step in the selling process?” A pre-listing inspection is a home inspection that the seller has done before listing their home. Why would sellers want to do this? It can actually provide the seller and the realtor with valuable information that they can use to streamline and improve the selling process. We spoke with Lawrence Petraglia of South Country Home Inspections to learn a little bit more.


What are the benefits of doing an inspection before you list your home? Is it worth the money?


The benefit of a pre-inspection really comes down to creating a smooth real estate transaction. It’s arming the homeowner with knowledge. Some of the things our certified inspectors look at are the condition of the roof, garage, exterior covering, windows and doors, air conditioning and the overall structure of the home. If we do identify any defects, the seller has time to resolve them. If they’re discovered during the buyer’s inspection, you’re probably about two to three weeks away from the closing date. Now you’re scrambling to find a contractor, and finding the right professionals is not something you want to rush. If we discover a leaky roof, you’re most likely going to have a tough time finding a reputable roofing company that can come complete the job in that timeframe. A pre-inspection allows the seller time to address any issues.


Are there any differences between a pre-inspection and the inspection done by a potential buyer?


Absolutely none. We’re looking for the same defects and doing everything the exact same way we would for a buyer’s inspection. The report will detail any items or issues that would be considered a safety hazard or a major defect. Some may be an easy fix, others could be quite involved.

What if the pre-inspection is bad?


At least now you know what you’re working with and have time to correct it. A pre-inspection can also help the buyer. If we discover some major defects during the buyer’s inspection, it could affect the 4-point inspection, and the buyer may have difficulty securing homeowners insurance.


How does a pre-inspection help the realty team?


Again, it’s all about providing a smoother transaction for everyone involved. They’re not scrambling to find contractors and adjust dates. It also helps your realtor in the selling process. They have a clear picture of the state of your house. Remember, our report includes the good as well. Maybe you have a brand-new roof, or the house is really well-insulated. The realtor can use those as selling points.


Will the buyer still need to do an inspection?


The buyer will still want to do their own inspection, especially if defects were identified in the pre-inspection. They’ll want their own professional inspector to come in and make sure the work was done correctly. And if the home is over 25 years old, they’ll need to do a 4-point inspection anyway.


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