Downsize Your Way to Happiness (A Boomer’s Guide to Living Larger with Less)

September 18, 2015

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One of the largest real estate markets today belongs to baby boomers. Much has changed in their world. The kids are grown, and often times they find themselves living in just two or three rooms of a large, often 2 story, home, wondering what life would be like if it were simpler and less encumbered by so much STUFF.

When it is possible to envision less square footage and belongings, then that is the time to start the search for a smaller home. It is possible for the transition to be a pleasant experience. Some simple things to consider are:

*Plan ahead. Make sure that all members of the household share the same goals for the move.

*Consider home style: Single family? Townhome? One story? Condo lifestyle? Are there pets to consider?

*Is current furniture scaled to work in a smaller living space?

*Ask the question: If my stuff were to disappear tomorrow, what would I really miss?

*Keep only belongings with a defined purpose. TIP: The kids will NOT be sentimental about the baby clothes and toys you have been keeping for them. If unsure, ask.

*DECLUTTER. You really can’t take it with you. As a Realtor myself, I appreciate customer’s efforts to sell and give belongings away so the house will show to its best advantage and their move will be simplified.

*Certainly keep your best furniture if it can be used to store things. Give away to family and friends that which you know won’t translate well to your new carefree lifestyle.

For more information on downsizing or if you have any real estate questions, give Gail George a call at (904) 940-5000.

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