How Horses are like Loan Interest and why DASI

July 1, 2011

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Logo-Red-thumbWe are all aware of the lingering problems facing the real estate market on a nationwide basis. During the past real estate down-turns, financial institutions, investors and individuals took direct responsibility for their problems and realized early on that they had to come up with a solution that would eliminate or substantially reduce their losses. This time the federal government decided to come to the rescue. Program after program was announced including monetary bail-outs, debt restructuring options and even debt forgiveness. As a result most, if not all, of the financial institutions, investors and individuals opted for a wait and see attitude related to their troubled real estate assets. Time, as always, has marched on. As a wise old Georgia farmer once told me “I don’t like horses; they eat while you sleep”! Well interest is the same way with or without the inherent penalties for non-payment. It just keeps accruing. Many of the loan defaults started in late 2006 and early 2007. While there have been bail-outs and some debit restructuring the back log of troubled assets is still monumental in many markets.

This brings us back to the question of “Why Davidson Advisory Services, Inc. (DASI)? Very simply a strong market need. Any restructuring of existing financing, modification of permitting, change of intended use or revived sales efforts must rely heavily on a well thought out comprehensive disposition strategy taking into account current and projected market conditions. In many cases this may be the last chance to salvage loan principal or invested capital. Oftentimes the owner/lender just needs a knowledgeable sounding board to bounce off ideas. The principals at DASI have the knowledge, expertise and proven track record to assist any financial institution, investor or individual in making the right decision regarding their real estate investment. These services may be solicited and engaged at any point in the process.

In summary, DASI can help.

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