Davidson Cares Continues to Grow in Size and Impact

August 20, 2021


Since 2012, Davidson Cares has tirelessly supported local youth-based programs in Northeast Florida. Through various fundraisers, events, raffles, and grants, Davidson Cares is committed to strengthening children. The efforts of Davidson Cares is overwhelmingly supported by the gracious and generous community in Northeast Florida. 




Davidson Cares is proud of the dedicated and talented members of its board. “Davidson Cares recently welcomed four new board members to form a team of twelve incredible members. Together, we look forward to continuing to support local programs that benefit both children and their families,” shares Sherry Davidson, President of Davidson Realty.


Steve Canty

Steve Canty is currently the principal (owner) of Shillburn Risk Advisors. Prior, for fourteen years Steve was the owner of The Canty Insurance Agency (Brightway) in Jacksonville. The agency was sold to VyStar Financial Corp in January of 2021. Steve is also a former Senior Vice President of Main Street America Group. Steve is married to Rita B. Canty, a father of three, and a grandfather to two. Steve and his wife reside on the beautiful St. Johns River in St. Augustine, Florida.



Jim Wheeler

Jim Wheeler is a Program Director for Investing in Kids (INK!), the foundation supporting public schools in St. Johns County.  After retiring from a twenty-six-year banking career in 2014, Jim has worked in education.  He has led the Take Stock in Children- St. Johns County scholarship and mentoring program since 2017.  He has previously served as co-founder of the Community Alliance Funding Education, as Chair of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Council, and as an eight-year member of the St. Johns County Planning and Zoning Agency.



William Li

William Li has been a practicing attorney for more than twenty years in Northeast Florida. He started his career at a boutique law firm in Jacksonville, Florida specializing in real estate development and representing clients in raw land acquisition, due diligence, development, and disposition. After rising to shareholder, William pursued an opportunity with the General Counsel’s office for the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, handling all of the University’s legal matters in real estate, finance, and contracts. However, the lure of private practice brought William back to Jacksonville, where he now practices law again.


William is a member of the Florida Bar and is a member of numerous lawyer associations and charities. He is a graduate of the University of Florida (BS) 1996, University of Florida (Masters in Real Estate Finance) 2000, and University of Florida College of Law (JD) 2000. He is a husband and father to twin boys and enjoys spending time with his family, good food, and sports.

Flood Insurance – A Changing Landscape

August 22, 2018

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The National Flood Insurance Program operated by FEMA, currently owes

the U.S. Treasury over $25B and the debt is growing. Here in Northeast

Florida we are seeing the threat of flood increase from the density of

population near the shore, a rising river and storms moving closer to us.

The NFIP continues to receive legislative extensions with rates and

surcharges routinely tacked on. Sooner or later we can expect this program

to hit the wall and incur a major renovation in order to survive. Fortunately,

private insurance carriers have taken notice of these events and they are

beginning to take action.


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4-Point Insurance Inspection Can Identify Home Issues Early

April 24, 2018

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Like any qualifying event we use to successfully conclude a transaction, there is always the risk of an unexpected surprise that throws a wrench into the works. The 4-point insurance qualifying inspection (roof, HVAC, electrical and plumbing) is no different. It’s all in how you approach it.

So, what are some of the best ways to have this 4-point inspection work in your favor?

  1. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the 4-point inspection is just a summary version of the whole house inspection. Not even close. Items that may fly through the entire house inspection could disqualify in the 4-point inspection.
  2. Most carriers require a 4-point inspection for homes 30 years or older. Having that knowledge, avoid the stress of a late surprise by getting the 4-point inspection completed early in the buying process.
  3. If you’re the home seller, consider your own 4-point inspection before you list. Now you have a leg up on potential buyer demands. You can also get repairs completed before they become an issue.
  4. If you’re the buyer, the 4-point inspection can be used to repair or replace unacceptable items such as electric panel boxes, plumbing material or older items deserving replacement.

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Know before you show: Proof of roof replacement

July 5, 2017

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For homeowners listing a house for sale, a new roof is a fantastic selling point. But you need more than pretty new shingles to show your roof is new.

In fact, most insurance carriers require documented proof that your home’s roof has been replaced! According to Steve Canty, a Certified Insurance Counselor with Brightway Insurance, this is a must. Read more

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