Unparalleled Support. That’s The Davidson Difference.

January 5, 2021


With more than 1.5 million Realtors © in the United States and 10,000 Realtors © in Northeast Florida, it is imperative for agents to select a brokerage that is committed to their achievements and growth to set them apart from the rest.  


Davidson Realty provides their agents with a toolbox to equip them with the resources necessary to build a thriving career. Since 1989, Davidson Realty has been among the top real estate brokerages in Northeast Florida and continues to build a reputation of providing trustworthy and personalized service to their clients. 


Agents at Davidson Realty receive unparalleled support from day one. “At Davidson Realty, we strongly believe in a “Pay It Forward” culture. We believe in putting people and relationships first. And that starts with our agents,” shares Andrea Gallagher, Davidson Realty Sales and Training Manager. “By investing our time and resources in supporting our agents we take the guesswork out for them and allow them to fully focus on serving their customers and community. The agents we see most successful in this industry are ones who have meaningful relationships with their customers and the greater community.” 


The Davidson Realty team organizes various in-house programs to continually provide agents with tools to build their own success. Agents receive monthly training from qualified professionals on topics including: lending, title, new construction, development, contracts, social media, public relations, tax, inspections, and listings. Davidson Realty agents also have one-on-one coaching and training sessions available with President Sherry Davidson and Sales and Training Manager Andrea Gallagher to discuss transaction issues and help with contracts. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Davidson Realty has a successful mentoring program. “New agents are paired with an experienced agent that not only guides but is their 50/50 partner for the new agents’ first two transactions from start to close. The mentor and mentee meet frequently to discuss processes to build their business including lead generating strategies, creating a listing package, and understanding contracts and listing agreements,” shares Andrea Gallagher. 


Davidson Realty also organizes group coaching sessions, a book club series, and goal setting and yearly business planning workshops. Sherry Davidson and Andrea Gallagher are both certified mentors for Brian Buffini’s Real Estate training courses and teach his classes in offices regularly. These training sessions are for all experience levels of agents and are endorsed by the National Association of Realtors.  


Along with the in-person training and mentoring, Davidson Realty Agents receive business, marketing, and technical support. Davidson Realty has an in-house graphic designer to design and coordinate mailings of flyers, postcards, invitations, pop-by tags, and more for customer and community events. Agents have access to a transaction management system for all their transaction document needs as well as listing services such as MLS listings, contract maintenance, and text riders for signs. The Davidson Realty Team create and design customized monthly emails for each of their agents and assist with building business pages on various social media platforms. 


On top of the abundant in-house support, Davidson Realty agents truly become part of a greater family that is eager to help agents make dreams come true for their clients. If you are interested in joining Davidson Realty’s team of real estate experts, contact Davidson Realty President, Sherry Davidson at 904-940-5000. Give yourself and your career the opportunity to thrive.

100 Days to Greatness® Program Helps Agents Boost Business

July 23, 2010


Sherry-PicWhen I assumed Davidson Realty’s sales management responsibilities earlier this month, it was one of my goals to provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to our Agents. After more than 20 years in the real estate business, I’ve certainly seen my share of lead generation, training, networking and other real estate programs. But never have I seen a program as effective as Buffini & Company’s 100 Days to Greatness® program.  It’s designed to help both new and seasoned agents jump-start their business and I’m thrilled that Davidson Realty is offering it to our Agents.  The 100 Days to Greatness® program teaches the fundamentals of real estate lead generation by referral, helping Agents produce a steady stream of high-quality leads and referrals. 

I became a Buffini & Company Certified Mentor™ following an intensive two-day training and serve as the group Facilitator. The 100 Days to Greatness® program is a 14-week, step-by-step training course that combines training from industry expert Brian Buffini, video role-playing, exercises and live accountability sessions – creating a comprehensive, practical learning experience. Our Davidson Realty “students” learn how to build and maximize relationships in order to cultivate advocates for life and accelerate their business. We already have several Agents enrolled, but my hope is for ALL our Davidson Realty Agents to participate.  Please join us for the next class on July 26th.  Give me a call to register, or learn more about the program.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Putting Things Into Perspective

October 21, 2009


DSCN0205Karen Palmer and I just returned from Atlanta, GA (my hometown) where we attended the Buffini & Company Turning Point Retreat. Brian Buffini is always a dynamic and entertaining speaker but he was very passionate about his message in this presentation.

Brian began the morning by discussing perspective. The economy and the real estate market are cyclical but when we are in a downturn like we have been for quite some time, it feels like it will last forever. We went through the history of the United States to reinforce that this too shall pass. The real estate market will rebound like it has every time before.

We looked at the National Association of Realtors statistics to understand how many Realtors have left our profession. Many of the Realtors with less experience and knowledge are no longer selling real estate, which only supports the fact that it is in your best interest to work with seasoned real estate professionals. Read more

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