When do I Put My House on the Market if I Want to Build a New One?

December 11, 2015


There is no clear cut answer to that questions, unfortunately.  It depends on a lot of variables as follows:

Build Time

How long is your builders build-time in the neighborhood you are building in?

Build times can vary a little depending on holidays or weather and they can vary A LOT based on your floorplan and location of your build. Read more

The Northside: From Up and Coming to BOOMING!

October 29, 2015


When is the last time you drove out to the Northside of Jacksonville? I have (3) words for you “River City Marketplace”. Seriously? In NW St Johns County I would kill to have shopping like that available to me. It’s just a smaller version of Town Center!

The Northside is very reminiscent of St Johns County where you can still find rural land, tree farms and lots of new construction!

I recently had a customer who called me and said “What can you tell me about the Northside because I notice I can get more for my money out that way?”. I honestly couldn’t tell her much as I had not previously sold in that area or spent much time there other than flying in and out of the airport. We were on the hunt for builder inventory homes so that she could move right in before the holidays. So I packed up my kids on a Saturday (I had already missed them from working all week) and my husband and I drove out there on a discovery mission. We spent the entire day exploring the new construction communities, available builders, finding out there is an “A” rated school that is BRAND NEW and leisurely strolling the shops of River City Marketplace after dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It was like a real-estate stay-cation!

Some of my favorite communities that we found are: Read more


September 25, 2015


So your are officially under contract and now you get to go to the ….dum dum dum…design center! This is a very exciting time as you have probably been pinning to your Pinterest board, overloading on HGTV, and grabbing the latest design magazine from the checkout line at the grocery store. You have a great idea of what you want to do to personalize your home…then you find out what it costs! Expect to spend 10%-15% of the purchase price on upgrades as a general rule of thumb. Read more

Realtor Amanda Houser’s Guide to Affordable Waterfront Living at RiverTown

July 21, 2015


Sounds like an oxymoron, right? From the premium list prices to the continuous maintenance, waterfront living is typically anything but affordable. What is there was a compromise to enjoy the waterfront lifestyle without the added cost and maintenance? One of my favorite waterfront communities does just that and is located right here in St Johns County: RiverTown. Read more

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