Buying your first home? Get started in 3 steps

May 7, 2019



Whether you are newlyweds starting out, a single person, or an established family, buying your first home takes preparation.  Where do you start?


First, you need to figure out what you can afford. If you are currently renting, use your monthly rent payment as a basis for what you’ll want your monthly mortgage payment to be. Often, you will pay less for a mortgage than rent, but there are a few extra costs in owning a home versus renting (property taxes, maintenance, etc.). A Realtor can help you determine those and other costs ahead of your home purchase.


Second, talk to a Realtor. The home buying process can take just 30 days or several months depending on the home you want to purchase. Before you begin, talk with a Realtor about home financing programs. A professional can help you make decisions about aspects like resale versus new construction, down payment, monthly payments, and required savings.


Third, create a timeline for purchasing.If you are renting, how long do you have before your lease is up? Are you moving for a job? Moving out of your parents’ home?  A timeline will help you figure out how much time you need to save for a down payment, moving costs, and utility deposits, as well as pay off any bills and other expenses.  A timeline is also helpful when choosing between new construction and resale.


I will be there for you from the beginning all the way to after you get your keys, helping you navigate the entire home buying process!  If you are considering buying a home, feel free to call me with any questions.



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