Why Live in Northeast Florida?

March 14, 2016

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Folks from out of state often think of Florida in a way that defines all parts of our state equally. To them, we are a warm, sunshiny, tropical paradise with a good dose of theme park fun for the kids and golf courses galore for the adults. Upon arrival, they expect a slow-paced, relaxed life where folks lounge poolside and ponder what their next fun activity should be. It, therefore, should reason that all parts of the state would fit their needs for where to relocate to or call their second home. The truth of the matter is that Florida varies widely from North to South and East to West and each area has a distinct flavor.

People looking for a fast-paced lifestyle, and tropical climate will find South Florida fits their needs nicely. Should you like to find people who are more retirement aged and you are not looking for a particularly active lifestyle, you might choose our west coast.

Regardless of which area you end up in, there will no doubt be plenty of golf courses as we boast the most per capita in the entire country. We routinely get voted near the top for best state to retire in and best tax structure. Interestingly enough, we also have the 6th most theaters, which proves that we do like to come inside from time to time.

So why Northeast Florida particularly? I think it is simply that we offer the best blend of suburban and urban lifestyles and yet don’t have too much of the gridlock and wait times that seem to plague other populated parts of the state. A good (and getting better) series of State thoroughfares take us to work and home again in a reasonably direct fashion and our infrastructure is improving by the minute to adjust to our growing population. Locals all know that one has to be strategic in passing through the Orlando area as it can add hours to a car trip with traffic congestion from the parks’ visitors. Those parks are accessible from here as a day trip, saving families a lot of money in hotel expenses and travel hassles. Also for the kids, St. Johns County is routinely ranked as having the best public schools in the state, with more new schools being built as I write this.

We also, again in my humble opinion, have the most polite folks living right here. On my first visit to shop at a local Publix grocery store, I was called ma’am multiple times and the manager helped me out to my car with my groceries.

This courteous way of dealing with people can be felt all over St. Augustine, whose patrons want visitors and residents alike to feel welcome and to come visit that fair city again and again. One visit will simply not do it justice. America’s oldest city is enjoyable all times throughout the year. Where else can one regularly spot pirates meandering through the cobblestone streets, visit a real Spanish fort and try any number of regional cuisines? Our famed Fountain of Youth may just put an extra spring in your step!

Lastly, as I write this, I am enjoying a cool coastal breeze at the window, and savoring the best spring weather in the state. Mild, balmy weather abounds but it is still fun to wear cool weather clothes in December and January for a different feel to that Florida sameness experienced elsewhere.

We are growing here. Families, couples (both working and retired), singles, the military, the tech and banking industries all want to call our area home. Come visit us and see what all the fuss is about. I’d be happy to give you a personal tour.

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