Six Benefits to Using a Property Management Company

May 29, 2013


Why spend money on a property management company you ask? Well, you’re not alone in wondering what the real benefits are to having someone manage your investment. It seems easy enough to find someone to live in your home, while saving on that property management fee, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as you may think. Here are six reasons why you should strongly consider using a property management company when renting your home:

1. First, how do you plan on finding a quality tenant to take care of your home? Property managers complete thorough background, credit and criminal background checks on each perspective tenant entering a home, so homeowners can rest assured that their home is in the best possible care.

2. If you decide to handle your own property, you are obligated to tell your tenant who you are, where you live and multiple ways to contact you, which means you are at their beck and call.

3. With that being said, you will be the one receiving the late night repair calls and responsible for providing the vendor (who should respond within 24 hours or sooner) to fix the problem. Property Management companies like Davidson Property Management have licensed and reputable vendors on hand to fix anything from a leaky faucet to an overflowing toilet.

4. Do you want to be the one driving by your property on a regular basis and doing mid-term walk-throughs WITH your tenant? Property managers take hundreds of photos at move-in and move-out to assure your property was and is being taken care of.

5. How well do you know Florida Landlord Tenant law? Do you know how long you have before you have to return your tenant’s security deposit? If your tenant doesn’t pay their rent on time, do you know the protocol? You will be the one confronting them with the 5% late fee (plus $5 per day). What if you need to evict them? Property managers know Florida Landlord Tenant law and use it every day in situations like these to be able to protect and help owners in these situations.

6. Property Management companies are in need of properties to list. Supply is in demand in the rental market and Davidson Property Management is moving rental listings in as little to seven to 10 days.

For more information on the benefits of using a well-respected property management team, please give Shelby Heinemann with Davidson Property Management a call at (904) 940-5000.


  • Jason Borowitz | June 5, 2013 @ 7:05 am

    Thanks for the post. Also property management company professionals responsible for marketing and advertising of your property. They use different mode of channels like internet, magazines and newspapers to make your property reach others. This helps in getting reliable tenants faster.

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