Introducing the Newest Division of Davidson Property Management: Estate Services

November 16, 2022


Your home is likely one of the most expensive assets that you own, so naturally caring for your home is a top priority. That care and attention is even more essential when you and your family are away from home. Whether you are embarking on an extended vacation or a snowbird, you need a trusted name to ensure your home is properly well-maintained. The new Davidson Estate Services division was created to provide peace of mind for homeowners. For more than thirty years, the Davidson Companies have established a reputation in Northeast Florida that emulates trust and respect.


When you and your family are away, trust Davidson Estate Services to keep an eye on your home and those servicing it. Monthly and Pay-per-Visit options provide homeowners with tailored services to meet their needs. The Monthly Service is perfect for snowbirds or second homeowners. This service provides a weekly home visit. Each weekly visit will include a visual review and at that time all faucets will be run, all toilets will be flushed, and a report with photos of any trouble areas along with photos of any repairs will be delivered to the homeowner. On a monthly basis, the dishwasher and washing machine will be run and HVAC filters will be changed. Miscellaneous tasks such as watering plants and lawn or checking the mail can also be provided. The Pay-per-Visit service is ideal for vacationers. Homeowners will pay for each visit to the home to complete needed tasks. Davidson Estate Services also provides hourly services to assist homeowners with coordinating painters, contractors, and other general service providers to provide access to the property and oversight of the project.


“Your home is your safe haven and ensuring it’s properly maintained while you are away is the top priority of the Davidson Estate Services division. We will be the “boots on the ground” to make sure everything in your home is working properly and any maintenance services done to your home are completed correctly. Unfortunately, the quality of service is nearly impossible to assess when you are away. Davidson Estate Services will provide a trusted eye to ensure services are done to your satisfaction,” shares Sam Davidson, Davidson Companies Vice President of Special Operations. “Our goal is to care for your home. Davidson Estate Services is committed to keeping the homes of our Northeast Florida neighbors in pristine condition so you and your family can come home knowing there won’t be any unexpected surprises.”


From buying and selling your home to keeping your property in tip-top shape while you are away, trust the Northeast Florida experts at Davidson. Learn more about our new Estate Services division by calling (904) 484-2170.

Realtor Puts Money Where Mouth Is!

March 18, 2010

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So I was talking to a few Davidson Realtors the other day. They were telling me about how investors are starting to come back into the market. Of course, I asked why they thought this was happening. One of them explained that it is a combination of things. Obviously the prices of homes right now are ridiculously good. And the interest rates are good too. But I wasn’t aware that the number of rental properties is way down, but the demand is way up. (This must be why Davidson Property Management is currently looking for houses to rent!) If an investor has the ability to buy St. Augustine, FL homes right now, they may get a great home at a great price and potentially rent it out for a profit! I told them I wanted to write a blog on this and they told me to talk to one of Davidson’s other Realtors because he had a great case study for this.

The agent told me a story that I just love! He showed a home, originally purchased for $370,000, which was listed for $240,000. (I’m not kidding about there being incredible values out there right now!) The potential buyer said she couldn’t go higher than $204,000. The Realtor made the offer and the seller accepted. However, the buyer changed her mind. The Realtor explained to the buyer that this was an amazing opportunity and if she didn’t want to take advantage of it – he did! She still declined to sign the offer, so the Realtor made the same offer and it was accepted.

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