Keep your home safe by reinforcing these home entry points

April 28, 2020


Thanks to video doorbell systems, we are now paying more attention to home security. We’ve all seen the videos online of would-be burglars and scammers caught by high-tech front porch security systems.


The only problem? These camera systems don’t actually prevent criminals from accessing your home. Even in gated neighborhoods and master-planned communities throughout Jacksonville and St. Augustine, home break-ins can and do happen—anywhere.



In addition to installing a home security system to alert the authorities of suspicious activity, it is important to deter criminals from even gaining access in the first place.


Here are a few ways you can increase protection at your home’s main entry points.


Garage door

The garage door is one of the most vulnerable entry points in a home! An amateur burglar can easily open it by drilling a hole in the door (or breaking a glass window, if applicable) and using a long hook tool to pull the emergency release wire. Once the wire has been pulled, the door disengages and can be opened manually in just seconds. This goes for heavy-duty garage doors as well; the spring system works to counter the door’s weight.


The best way to prevent this is to secure your emergency release wire, making it so a would-be burglar can’t reach it from outside. Alternatively, you can install a garage lock to provide extra reinforcement for your door.


Patio door

High-traffic sliding glass patio doors can be relatively easy for burglars to access. Why high-traffic? Because when sliding doors are closed over and over, components like the handle, lock and rollers, loosen each time. Eventually, the loose components make it easy for a criminal to break in.


To prevent this, establish a no-slamming policy in your house for the sliding patio door. These doors are very heavy, and with momentum, it can be too easy to slam them. Controlling the slamming will help the components to stay tightly in-tact.


Also, think about investing in an internal security bar. These are really simple to install and very effective to prevent the sliding door from opening when you’re gone. Cheap life hack: Some people even use an old broom handle, placing it in the bottom gap between the inside frame and the door to prevent the door from sliding.


Front door

Technology has allowed us to protect our front entry in lots of ways. But, most of us are still working with a traditional dead-bolt lock. Like all traditional locks, dead-bolts can be picked by savvy burglars. Upgrading your lock can provide extra security at this access point.


According to Consumer Reports, the safest and most highly recommended dead-bolts include the Yale Premier Single Cylinder YH82 and the Medeco Maxum 11*603. These are two of the strongest dead-bolts on the market.


A modern alternative is the electronic door lock (a.k.a. keyless entry) or smart lock. The latter actually connects to an app on your phone. If you’re open to modernizing your lock, recommended options include the Schlage Touch Keyless FE375 CAM, Yale Assure Lock SL or August Smart Lock Pro.


Learn more about recommended locks at


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Stay safe!


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