Considerations when buying a home with a pool

January 22, 2020


Thanks to the great climate here in Northeast Florida, the chances of seeing homes for sale with a pool are very good.


In addition to boosting the resale value of a home, owning a pool can offer lots of additional advantages. But owning a pool is not to be taken lightly. If you have ever owned a home with a pool, you already know the upsides and downsides. If not, consider these points before diving into swimming pool ownership.


Owning a pool is proven to benefit your health. Having a pool can offer big advantages for your physical and mental health. Swimming has proven itself to be perhaps the best form of exercise. It is low-impact with big cardiovascular benefits. And you don’t need to be a lap swimmer to reap the benefits of your pool! Light water aerobics or just wading around your pool can help you build mobility and endurance without the harsh impact on your joints. This is especially helpful in the hot summer months when you can stay cool in the water. In addition to offering a private place for exercise, your pool is a place for de-stressing and emotional relaxation.


Pools require maintenance and upkeep. Of course they do! However, don’t let that scare you away from homes that have pools. Our area offers a ton of quality pool services you can use to help if DYI maintenance isn’t your thing. They will clean your pool regularly as well as “close” it for winter and “open” it for warmer months. According to, the average cost to maintain a pool is $80 to $150 monthly, or about $960 to $1,800 each year. This is about on par with the services in our area and are well worth the money if you are limited on time!


A pool is the perfect place to socialize. If you enjoy entertaining, there is nothing better than having a pool to host friends and family for birthday parties, game day cookouts or any reason to gather together.


Your utilities will be impacted. In addition to service prices, you will need to factor in electricity and water required to have a pool. This can vary by a lot depending on the size of your pool, if it is heated, if you have a hot tub as well, how much electricity your pool pump uses, and so on. Again, this should not be a deterrent as the cost shouldn’t be astronomical, but it should be a consideration when planning your monthly budget.


No more icky public pools! While communities in our area are good about keeping community pools clean, they simply can’t keep all bacteria and unsavory germs out of the water. This is just a matter of the number of swimmers in the pool. As long as you have your pool serviced on a regular basis, having your own private pool reduces your exposure to those germs.


Looking for a great pool with plenty of outdoor space? My listing at 4000 State Road 16 has a large swimming pool and patio on nearly 50 acres!


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