Think all property managers are the same? Here are 6 ways Davidson is different!

November 13, 2019


When you rent out your home, it can be easy to fall into the idea that all property management companies are essentially the same. They locate and screen tenants, collect rent and handle issues that arise during the lease.



However, how well property managers juggle these tasks varies widely! Here are six of the many ways your experience with Davidson Property Management (DPM) will be different:


1.) Our rental team: Unlike many companies in which property managers show their own properties, our team consists of staffed rental agents that are designated to show the rental properties. This makes it much more accessible to show the property, which makes your home more marketable and gets you a renter more quickly.


2.) Higher rental commission: For DPM managed properties, the rent commission is double what most other companies offer. How does this benefit our homeowners? It motivates agents to find great tenants and rent your property faster!


3.) 24/7 access: While some property management companies limit response times based on business hours, our team guarantees a timely response no matter the issue or question, and any time day or night.


4.) More frequent home reviews: Another rarity in the industry is our policy on home reviews. Davidson’s property reviews are completed every six months (many companies limit reviews to once per year). This ensures your home is being properly cared for by the tenant.


5.) Real estate division: Davidson has both a Property Management AND Real Estate division. Homeowners benefit because we serve as a “one-stop shop” for all real estate needs, making it easy to transition between buyer, landlord and seller within one company.  Most companies offer one or the other of these services, but not both.


6.) Extensive Experience:  DPM does not hire inexperienced, underqualified property managers. We are staffed with professionals who have several years of industry experience, having worked during major market changes and encountered a huge range of experiences.


As a result, we know how to market your home, carefully screen for renters, and manage your tenants so that everyone wins.  We have truly seen it all, and our homeowners benefit from this time-tested experience.


If you are interested in having us manage your property (or you are looking to rent), contact one of our experienced agents at 904.484.2170, or visit us at


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