Important things to consider when buying a waterfront home

April 23, 2019


Whether you are thinking of river or ocean front property, I can help you find the right home! There are several reasons to live on the water—waking up each morning to the waves crashing or ripple of the river, enjoying a beautiful sunset over dinner on your own deck, or having water recreational activities steps outside your door.


But there is so much more to waterfront living than relaxation and beauty. There are health benefits, too. According to the Lung Institute, areas closer to salt water offer better air quality for your lungs (learn more here). Living on the water also contributes to better sleeping habits and active lifestyle. Your home can be the vacation from your everyday stressors!


When choosing a waterfront home, be sure to check out the property thoroughly. Think about how you would like to use the property. What do you care about most? What are your priorities when it comes to waterfront living?  What water activities do you enjoy and what lifestyle needs do you have?


Look for the view you want, how the path to the water feels to you, and your personal privacy from busy water banks, beachgoers, and boaters passing by. When you think you have found the right one, be sure to verify the boundary of your land and how the waterfront is used.


Check on the sea wall and boat dock (if they are added). On the river, check flood zones. If you can talk with some of your potential neighbors about the weather, water issues, and the neighborhood in general, do so.


Most importantly, get insurance quotes. Various types of coverages and policies are needed to ensure your waterfront property is protected from uncontrollable events.


If you are considering buying a home on the water, feel free to contact me to help you!  I have experience dealing with waterfront properties. I’d be happy to discuss how my experience can work to your benefit.

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