Dispelling 3 Rumors that buyers are hearing about home purchasing

October 17, 2018



As we begin the 4th quarter of 2018,  people are out in the market buying a selling homes and it’s a great time to update everyone on a few things.


  1. Millennials and Baby Boomers are competing for the same properties in NE Florida.
  2. There are great incentives when buying a home for first time home buyers. Free Money!!!!
  3. There is a lot of bad information out there, specifically online, that buyers are seeing that makes the idea of buying seem impossible.


But good news, we are here to help. Let me dispel 3 rumors that buyers are hearing that get in the way of their willingness to purchase.


Rumor #1- Buying a home requires a large Down payment.

False- Depending on the type of loan you can put anywhere from 0%, 3%, to 5% down. You might even qualify for Down Payment Assistance. Buying a home is easier than you think and cost less.



Rumor #2- You can’t afford the monthly mortgage payments.

Not true- With interest rates still being historically low you can likely own a home and have a lower mortgage payment versus the cost of renting.


Rumor #3- There is no difference between paying rent and paying a mortgage.

Wrong again- There are many benefits to home ownership that outweigh those of renting. With every payment homeowners gain equity in their home. They also enjoy privacy, tax benefits, and security.


Build a solid foundation for your future by buying a home. It’s the smartest investment you can make and it’s much easier than you think. We can help you debunk the home-buying Myths and introduce you to mortgage services you can trust.


Because it’s more that loans… it’s people.

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