August 20, 2018



















Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.


Some time ago, Erin and Gail were talking over a cup of coffee and discussing how to create some new avenues for success in their real estate world.  Their talk culminated in the creation of a joint venture website called North Florida Home and Hearth which has evolved into a platform from which they intend to make new business connections and opportunities for professional growth.


Initially there was a fairly steep learning curve.  Several different website platforms were discussed and rejected. Luckily, through business networking, Erin met and invited a local entrepreneur to present his ideas on successful web design, development and implementation.  Over time, he has worked on creating a brand from which Erin and Gail can both reach and teach new customers and friends about the ins and outs of the Northeast Florida real estate market.


The results are in.  Erin and Gail are proud and pleased to announce that the collaboration has officially begun with a timeless approach in a modern market.  The goal is simple…to help with absolutely any aspect of the home buying or selling experience.















Here is an opportunity to talk to real people, in real time, in a relaxed manner.  Erin and Gail have many years’ experience between them, and their personalities are engaging and friendly, professional and polite.  Customers have uniformly enjoyed working with them from the moment they meet to the closing table and beyond.  They have been described as knowledgeable, creative, thoughtful, energetic and hardworking.  Accolades aside, they are both actively engaged in both growing and adapting to changing market conditions.  Don’t worry if you aren’t up on the latest trends, Erin and Gail are and will share their knowledge with you.


What is essential for one customer does not always translate to another’s needs.  Your specific concerns will be Erin and Gail’s as well.  They look forward to hearing from you.  Whether you are local to St. Augustine or out of town, give them a call and ask anything and everything that you may be pondering with regard to buying or selling a home.  Let them be your trusted real estate advisors for World Golf Village and beyond.


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