February 19, 2018


Dave Branham joined Davidson Property Management as a property manager in January of 2014.  He is mild-mannered, conscientious and a by-the-book sort of guy.  He definitely knows how to play the game and run the court and no double-dribbling is involved!  Here are a few tidbits to give you a little insight into one of Davidson’s MVPs!
• Dave was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, which is a city about 18 miles to the west of Detroit and home to Gabriel’s Cheese Steak Hoagies.  Dave moved to Kentucky when he was seven years old.

• Nicknames?  Dave was known as “Dave the Rave” on the basketball court.  He earned this nickname while attending a basketball camp at the University of Tennessee his sophomore year of high school.
• Favorite sport? Basketball of course, with the University of Kentucky Wildcats being his favorite team.  Dave played forward for his high school basketball team and was number 25.  He also played football and ran track.  The 220 yard dash and hurdles were his main events…no pole vaulting though!
• Hobbies?  Besides sports, Dave loves cars.  His favorite car is his 1984 Monte Carlo SS.  It is 33 years old and all original, except for its exhaust system.  He also has a 2009 Pontiac GT, which is the last muscle car made by Pontiac.
• What did he want to be when he grew up?  Dave wanted to be a professional basketball player, and was certainly on the road to obtaining his goal.  He had several pending scholarships, one being to Marshall University, when he tragically tore out his knee in the district tournaments. 
• Professional career…Dave worked for CSX as a dispatcher, which is what eventually brought him to Jacksonville.  He had “railroad in his blood” as his father, brother and uncles were engineers.  CSX is also how he met his wife, Patricia who also worked for CSX, but is now retired.  They have been married for 36 years. They moved to Ponte Vedra in 1994 from Kentucky.
• What does Dave do when he isn’t hard at work?  He enjoys spending time with his family.  He has two daughters and one step-daughter and an eight year old grandson.

Dave is a valued part of the Davidson Property Management team and is definitely a member of our starting line-up!

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