400 Families in 2019: Scottie Keck

October 31, 2019

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Davidson agent Suzy Evans knows that selling a home—full of memories and cherished possessions—can be an emotional process. Her care in helping Scottie Keck to sell her home is a great example.


“Suzy is more than a real estate agent. She is really good in this area with her wealth of knowledge as well as the marketplace itself,” said Scottie. “She also brings a personal side that she feels what you are going through and understands this is a personal time of mixed sorrow and joy.”


Scottie and her husband purchased the St. Augustine home in 2014 with Suzy’s help. “After living in the area for two years, my husband passed. By this time, I had a good network of friends, which really made my life enjoyable.” However, after another three years, Scottie wanted to return to her roots in Texas to be near her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Suzy’s high-touch approach aimed to make the process as easy as possible for Scottie, including open communication, expertly created photos and strategic marketing.


“She took time to completely understand it’s prime features and accent them,” said Scottie, who was prepared to wait up to three months to get to the closing table. “In two weeks it was sold and in another three weeks it closed.”


Meanwhile, Hurricane Dorian was threatening Northeast Florida. “There was a day delay, but everything fell into place.  Again, orchestrated completion.”


Suzy’s expert guidance and support eased Scottie’s transition. “You must be prepared to hand it over to another family who will treasure it like you did,” said Scottie. “That is the goal. Moving forward.”



We aim to help at least 400 families like Scottie make a move in 2019.  To each of our customers, thank you from the Davidson Realty family to yours.  We remain committed to our customers, the community and each other.

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