Congrats to our Top Producing Agents for June and the 2nd Quarter!

July 7, 2017


The ladies came out on top for June and the 2nd Quarter of 2017! All our Realtors did an amazing job bringing in $12 million in sales during the month and 44 closings (totaling $13.6 million). We had 33 different agents with closings during June.

Top Realtors in June: Read more

Our Top Realtors for March and the 1st Quarter of 2017!

April 6, 2017


Busy season for Realtors is here! We had a great month of March with $11 million in sales and $10 million in closings. For the First Quarter of 2017, our team brought in $30 million in sales and $20 million in closings. Congratulations to our entire team on a job well done!

Top Realtors in March: Read more

$19 Million in Closings for November – Congratulations to Top Realtors Mirtha Barzaga and Shelley Nemethy!

December 8, 2014


Our Jacksonville Realtors and Davidson Development team had amazing numbers for the month of March with $19 million in closings and $7 million in sales. Congratulations to everyone who helped to make this a great month. Here are the Top Realtors for November:

Mirtha Barzaga is the Top Listing Agent and Top Producer for November with almost $2 million in closings. Mirtha had three new construction closings with Legacy Builders, D.R. Horton and Inland Homes. She also had two resale closings in St. Augustine. Mirtha has a great relationship with the builders in our area, so make sure to give her a call at (904) 940-5000 if you are looking to build your dream home! Read more

Nearly $12 Million in Sales for August – Congrats to Top Realtors Jennifer Todd and Mirtha Barzaga!

September 9, 2013


Congratulations to Team Davidson for achieving almost $12 million in sales and $6.4 million in closings for the month of August. Even better news…September is already off to an incredible start! Our outstanding sales numbers would not have been possible without 23 of our Jacksonville Realtors, but we have to give special acknowledgment to our ladies on top! Hard work really paid off for Jennifer Todd and Mirtha Barzaga.

The Top Lister for August is Jennifer Todd with over $1.3 million in listings sold. Jennifer sold four of her own listings – one commercial property, homes in Julington Creek and Heritage Landing, and a condo in St. Augustine. What’s even more impressive is she sold her Julington Creek listing in nine days and closed in sixteen days! Read more

10 Things You Don’t Know About Ashley Wood

May 27, 2010


Ashley_Wood_BC_2_May 2010[1].pdf - Adobe ReaderDavidson Realty is very proud of the St. Augustine and Jacksonville Realtors we have on our team. And we want you to get to know all of them, so from time to time we will post a blog about one of us! Today we are going to introduce you to Ashley Wood. Although she loves listing and selling houses in St. Augustine, she has many other interest too. Here are 1o things you may not have known about Ashley…until now!

1. Ashley started playing the trumpet in the 7th grade. 

2. She currently plays in the St. Augustine Community Orchestra. (Did you even know we had an orchestra? Better yet, they are good!)

3. Ashley is a red belt in Tae Kwan Do and expects to get a black belt by December 2011.

4. She recently won a gold and bronze at the state Tae Kwan Do competition.

5. And she is determined to win two golds when competing in the Tae Kwan Do nationals at the end of June.

6. The premature birth of her daughter made her decide to be a stay at home mom…she realized no one could take care of her children the way she could!

7. Ashley got her real estate license in 2005. 

8. She decided to work at Davidson Realty at World Golf Village because she loves the family atmosphere we have here.

9. Ashley believes her best business attribute is giving great customer service and maintaining the relationships long after the sale.

10. Ashley is unique and she loves it! When Davidson Realty took a personality test, she was the only one in the “Explorer” category!

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