Experienced agent Bonnie Weinstein joins Davidson Realty

May 23, 2017


We are pleased to welcome Bonnie Weinstein to our growing sales team! Bonnie brings to her new role years of experience as a real estate agent.

“Not only does Bonnie have solid industry expertise, she has a natural eagerness to help her customers find that perfect home they’re looking for,” said Sherry Davidson, President of Davidson Realty. “We are happy to have Bonnie on our team.” Read more

Agent Traci Brooks joins Davidson Realty

November 10, 2016


We are pleased to introduce Davidson Realty’s newest agent Traci Brooks! Prior to earning her real estate license, Traci spent years with home improvement giant The Home Depot.

“Traci has a real passion for customer service that shines through in everything she does. We’re glad she is part of our team,” said Davidson Realty President Sherry Davidson.

Traci spent years with The Home Depot in human resources and accounting. She is eager to utilize her customer service and communication skills to provide a superior real estate experience. Read more

Davidson Realty MVP Spotlight: Erin Mount

October 12, 2016

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Davidson Realty sponsors an annual baseball-themed contest in which the firm’s Realtors split into “teams” and compete to be champions in production and sales. This year’s championship team is the Red Sox. Each month we profile a top producer from that team.

Team Member: Erin Mount

Hometown: Erin was born in St. Louis, Missouri (she loves the city!), raised in Paducah, Kentucky (she loves the land!) and calls St. Augustine her home (she loves the history!)

Years in Real Estate: 10 Read more

Why Live in Northeast Florida?

March 14, 2016

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Folks from out of state often think of Florida in a way that defines all parts of our state equally. To them, we are a warm, sunshiny, tropical paradise with a good dose of theme park fun for the kids and golf courses galore for the adults. Upon arrival, they expect a slow-paced, relaxed life where folks lounge poolside and ponder what their next fun activity should be. It, therefore, should reason that all parts of the state would fit their needs for where to relocate to or call their second home. The truth of the matter is that Florida varies widely from North to South and East to West and each area has a distinct flavor. Read more

Realtor Puts Money Where Mouth Is!

March 18, 2010

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So I was talking to a few Davidson Realtors the other day. They were telling me about how investors are starting to come back into the market. Of course, I asked why they thought this was happening. One of them explained that it is a combination of things. Obviously the prices of homes right now are ridiculously good. And the interest rates are good too. But I wasn’t aware that the number of rental properties is way down, but the demand is way up. (This must be why Davidson Property Management is currently looking for houses to rent!) If an investor has the ability to buy St. Augustine, FL homes right now, they may get a great home at a great price and potentially rent it out for a profit! I told them I wanted to write a blog on this and they told me to talk to one of Davidson’s other Realtors because he had a great case study for this.

The agent told me a story that I just love! He showed a home, originally purchased for $370,000, which was listed for $240,000. (I’m not kidding about there being incredible values out there right now!) The potential buyer said she couldn’t go higher than $204,000. The Realtor made the offer and the seller accepted. However, the buyer changed her mind. The Realtor explained to the buyer that this was an amazing opportunity and if she didn’t want to take advantage of it – he did! She still declined to sign the offer, so the Realtor made the same offer and it was accepted.

Read more

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