April 2020 Northeast Florida Market Stats: How is COVID-19 Impacting our Market.

May 22, 2020

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The market stats for April 2020 from the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors show new listings of 3,107 are down 22% compared to April 2019. Pending sales of 2,339 are down 27% and 2,334 closings are down 23%. The sales price is up over last April and the last several months. The median price of $250,000 is up 11% and the average sales price of $298,438 is up 8%.


According to the Florida Realtors Chief Economist Dr. Brad O’Connor, “drops in both new pending sales and new listings indicate that both demand and supply are in decline, at least in the short run.” This seems to be causing sales prices to be more stable.


The graph below is a great depiction of showings through ShowingTime. It compares the change from the first week of 2020 which is the line at 0%. As you can see on March 11, the 2020 showings were slightly above 2019. The showings immediately dropped to 49% of the first week while the 2019 showings had been 39% higher than the first week for a difference of 88%. However, on May 12th the 2020 showings were up 11% and the 2019 showings were up 31% for a difference of only 20%. I just wanted you to visually see how showings dropped when the stay at home orders first started and the number of showings has recovered dramatically. The customers out right now are serious buyers.

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How I learned to work from home – 5 tips that saved my sanity

May 20, 2020

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I never considered myself to be a “work at home” type, probably because the opportunity never really presented itself. Every work day I had my routine; get up, make my bed, chat with my hubby, shower, get dressed, get my daughter up and ready for school, pack my bag and off to work and school we would go.  That all changed with the arrival of COVID-19.  With new social distancing requirements in place and stay at home orders a new norm, life as we know it changed – and dramatically.  Now with a son suddenly home from college and a daughter in high school both in virtual learning mode and two parents juggling working between home and offices it was only a matter of time before chaos began.  Even the walls of our home are longing for the days of peace & quiet again.  It is not used to having us all home at once and for so long.    First and foremost I am thankful for my health, my family’s health and that I still have job in which I can work from home.  That being said it took a bit to adjust and I will admit I had some struggles along the way but I think I have found my groove.   After a bit of trial and error here are five tips that worked for me.



Tip #1: Have a routine and stick to it. 

I needed a new routine.  My first day home I was out of rhythm and all over the place and so was my family.  We slept in a little later than normal, did not rush to even shower or get dressed – I mean why not?  It’s not like our commute was very far and nobody was coming to visit.  It felt different and exciting to work from my pajamas.  But as the day progressed I felt behind for some reason, disorganized, and scattered.  Aside from a mid-morning break to put in a load of laundry and my lunch time shower as that was when I decided to get dressed I was glued to my computer the rest of the day re-acting to things instead of being pro-active with a specific agenda.  So day two I decided to establish a new routine starting in the morning that would set the tone for my day.  I created a list of goals I needed to accomplish that day. It included both work and family tasks so I was not aimless. The structure created some semblance of order and prevented me from losing focus.

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Playing 20 Questions: Davidson Realty Agent Spotlight with Ron Savarese.

May 18, 2020


Here at Davidson Realty we thought it would be neat to give you an inside view like no other to our fabulous team.  In this fun agent spotlight blog series we will be Playing 20 Questions where we get up close and personal with our agents.  Today we are featuring agent Ron Savarese



1.) In three sentences or less tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from Greenlawn, New York.  Been all over and relocated here to the World Golf Village area of Florida with my beautiful bride of 37 years Gail for the glorious weather.  I am proud to have served my country as United States Army Vietnam Veteran.  Also I was an elementary school teacher before changing careers and moving into the automotive sales industry for over 30 years before retiring.



2.) What do you like best about living here in Northeast Florida (can be specific area, i.e. WGV, Jax Beach, PVB, etc.)?

Access to historical St Augustine, great restaurants and food stores for shopping.  Top notch Medical facilities


3.) What is your favorite indoor or outdoor activity?

Cooking, reading & gardening


4.) If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Fly, like a pilot!


5.) What advice do you have for anyone looking to sell or buy right now?

Make sure you find an experienced Realtor to assist you – too many things can go wrong.

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Congratulations to our TOP Producing Agents in April!

May 7, 2020


I would like to congratulate everyone on our team for working together to safely help our customers with their real estate needs in new innovative ways. April was an interesting month to say the least.


The Top Producer for April with the most closings is Lynn Whitley. Lynn helped two families sell their home and one family purchase a new home all while dealing with all the safety procedures of a pandemic. Lynn is an experienced professional that found ways to get everything handled.





The Top Sales Agent is Ron Savarese who helped his buyers work through contracts with two local builders. Ron knows the entire first coast market and sold one home in St. Augustine and one in the northern part of Jacksonville.



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March 2020 Northeast Florida Market Stats: How is COVID-19 Impacting our Market.

April 23, 2020

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I want to share the latest market stats from the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors and the thoughts of other Realtors and Builders on how the COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting our market.


The March 2020 market stats are surprisingly still positive because so many of the listings and sales were already in the works when we began seeing impacts from the virus in mid-March. There were 3,976 new listings compared to 3,963 last March for a 0.3% increase.


There were 2,832 pending sales down 5.9% from 3,010 last March as we began to see less buyers out in the last half of the month. There were 2,672 closed sales which is an increase of 2.1% over 2,617 last March. It seems most people under contract were able to close in March. We only lost a couple of transactions that were to close at the end of March.


We haven’t seen any impact on prices from the Pandemic yet. The median sales price of $243,635 was up 5.9% over last March and the average sales price of $287,210 was up 6.7%.

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