Steve Rodriguez treats beachgoing dogs to water at The Hydration Station

May 24, 2019


If you’ve ever seen a dog at the beach, you know no one has more fun playing in the sand and surf! But amid the fun, they get just as dehydrated as humans. That’s why Davidson Realty agent Steve Rodriguez created The Hydration Station!


Steve, who previously lived in Atlantic Beach, got the idea a while back while enjoying the sunrise on the beach with his dogs. He said, “As an owner, I am always looking out for the welfare of my babies. Staying hydrated is very important for a dog and people at the beach. I saw the need for having fresh water available and decided to make an effort to fill that void.”

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How to Find Your Ideal Vacation Home

May 21, 2019


If you need a more permanent place to take a respite, or you are thinking about having a familiar place to go for family getaways, a vacation home is a great option.


When purchasing a vacation home, consider how you will use it. Will your vacation home be reserved for just family and friends?  How many times per year will you use the home? Are you going to rent it out? The answers to these questions will help focus your search.


Think about location. Consider your vacation home’s proximity to amenities. Also, if you will use it several times throughout the year, aim for a location that’s close enough to drive but far enough to feel like a real getaway. Ask yourself, is it close to amenities? Far enough from home? Will it keep you and others wanting to come back? If you are planning to rent out the home, consider whether it is in an area accessible to other attractions or supplies.

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