Easy ways to boost your curb appeal…this weekend!

October 1, 2019


When home sellers think about improving curb appeal, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. New exterior paint? New landscaping and sod? New driveway? Sounds exhausting and expensive.


But it doesn’t have to be!


If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future but worry about the time and expense of enhancing your curb appeal, there are plenty of easy ways to spruce it up—without breaking the bank.


Here are six easy curb appeal enhancements you can knock out this weekend with a trip to the home improvement store:


1.) Pressure wash your exterior. For some jobs, a water hose just won’t do. Be sure to spray all surfaces including the eaves and driveway; just avoid easily damaged areas like caulking around doors and windows as well as roof shingles. Don’t forget to wash the fence as well! You will be shocked at how much a good washing can make your home sparkle. Home Depot rents out electric pressure washers for just $38 per day.

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Alicia McKenzie joins Davidson Realty

September 13, 2019

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We are happy to welcome Alicia McKenzie to our growing team of real estate agents! Alicia boasts a background in customer service and mortgage lending.


“Alicia offers a dynamic set of skills that make her a great fit for her new role. She is a wonderful addition to the Davidson team,” said Sherry Davidson, President of Davidson Realty.


Alicia grew up in St. Louis and learned about construction from a young age by helping her parents to build, and later renovate, the family’s home. She developed a passion for historic architecture and graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a dual focus in art history and psychology.


She worked in customer service and management for 10 years and later served as a loan processor with Freddie Mac. Looking to return to a role that’s more customer-focused and aligned with her interests, Alicia pursued her real estate license.


She serves buyers and sellers throughout Northeast Florida, working out of our World Golf Village office.


In her free time, Alicia enjoys taking in the local art scene as well as painting, making pottery, reading and spending time with her family on the water.


Welcome to Davidson, Alicia!

Davidson Realty welcomes Will Givens to World Golf Village team

September 6, 2019


We are happy to announce that Will Givens has joined Davidson Realty’s team in World Golf Village! Will has a professional background in financial planning services and software.


“Will’s experience shows he is focused on delivering great customer service and ensuring careful attention to detail. We are happy to welcome him to the team,” said Sherry Davidson, President of Davidson Realty.


Will originates from Tampa and earned a communications degree fromFlagler College. He relocated to St. Louis and later New York City, working as a financial and retirement planner for Mutual of America. Upon moving to Jacksonville in 2017, Will gained additional experience on the software side of financial services.


After a great buying experience, he decided to switch careers and pursue his long-time interest in real estate.


Will grew up swimming and playing tennis and golf in Tampa. Today, he is an extremely avid runner and enjoys going to the beach and spending quality time with family.


Welcome to the Davidson team, Will!

Frankee Gibbs joins sales team at Davidson Realty

August 23, 2019

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We are happy to welcome Realtor Frankee Gibbs to our World Golf Village team! A Northeast Florida native, Frankee brings to Davidson a background in construction and law enforcement.


“Frankee has extensive local knowledge as well as solid experience in construction. Add to that her dedication to helping people, and it’s easy to see she will be a great asset to buyers and sellers,” said Sherry Davidson, President of Davidson Realty.


Born and raised in Jacksonville, Frankee spent the first part of her career in construction, and later worked in law enforcement. She also has experience renovating homes in her free time.


Frankee relocated to St. Augustine in 2017 and pursued a long-time interest in real estate.


In her free time, Frankee enjoys working on home renovation projects with her husband, interior decorating and touring model homes. She is also a mother of two; her son is a St. Augustine police officer and her daughter is a junior high school student.


She looks forward to working with customers throughout the First Coast.


Welcome to Davidson, Frankee!

Five steps to prepare for your home inspection

August 22, 2019

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If you have ever sold a house, you know the inspection is an important step to assess the condition of your home. As the homeowner, there are several measures you can take to ensure your home is ready for the home inspector and help you receive high marks on the inspection report.

1.) Make access easy. First and foremost, ensure the home inspector can conveniently access all areas throughout the property. This might include access to an attic, crawl spaces, garage, furnace room, under sinks and storage spaces. If they can’t get to an area of the home, then they can’t inspect it, which could turn into a red flag for buyers.


2.) Start where they typically do—outside. Check your home’s perimeter for structural issues, water damage, cracks, leaks, bug infestations, missing weather stripping, broken locks and so on. Be sure to check the roof, siding, gutters, eaves, windows and doors, as well as the A/C compressor area and outbuildings.

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