January 3, 2017

Short-term leases now available with Davidson Property Management

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Homeowners: Would you like to rent your home, but need more flexibility? Want to stay in your home while it’s not being rented? Many homeowners are answering “Yes!” to those questions and finding short-term leases are the way to go.

To meet this need, Davidson Property Management (DPM), a sister company of Davidson Realty, has announced it is expanding its repertoire to include short-term leases, or leases between three and six months. DPM, which already writes leases for six months and beyond, is seeking homes to lease for these shorter terms. (more…)

July 18, 2013

Want to Rent a Home? Learn More about the Tenant Application Process with Shelby Heinemann from Davidson Property Management!

I recently sat down with Davidson Realty President Sherry Davidson and Shelby Heinemann with Davidson Property Management to better understand the tenant application process for anyone interested in renting a home in Northeast Florida. Davidson Property Management’s mission is to find quality tenants for their property owners, while making the application process a smooth and easy one for their prospective tenants. Anyone interested in renting a home in Northeast Florida will find great information in the video, including the qualifications necessary for prospective tenants looking to rent a home. (more…)

April 22, 2013

Summer’s HOT for Home Rentals!

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If you’re a homeowner who’s been thinking about leasing your home instead of selling it, my advice is to strike while the iron’s hot. I recently heard from Shelby Heinemann who leads our Davidson Property Management team and Shelby is on the hunt for properties to list.  Shelby expects this Summer to be one of the busiest home rental seasons she’s seen in years. For the highest price and quickest turnaround, homeowners should list their home for rent ideally by June/July at the latest. Here’s why: (more…)

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