Fed Rate vs Mortgage Rates……what gives?

March 23, 2020

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Ah yes! This has been a popular topic since the Federal Reserve’s emergency rate cut to a range of 0% to .25%.


Coming off March 9 mortgage rates that were at historic lows to—not even four days later—being about a full percentage point higher, the Fed again cut the rates on March 15. This is what’s going to send mortgage rates to guaranteed rock bottom lows, right?


In the words of famed football coach and broadcaster Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend!”


The Fed Funds Rate deals more directly with short-term rate items like credit cards, savings rates and bank-to-bank short-term loans. You may see a credit card APR go down (YES!), but generally, the Fed rate is not a consumer lending rate.


Although the mortgage rates have a tendency to mirror the direction of the Fed Funds Rate, it is never a direct correlation.  Remember, the Fed Funds Rate is for short-term rates and mortgages are not short-term.


So, what IS going to happen? 

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Davidson Realty applauds its 2019 Five Star Professionals

August 16, 2019


Kudos to our four agents who were recently named as 2019 Five Star Professionals! Those agents include seven-time recipients Suzy Evans and Margherite Myers, four-time recipient Lynn Whitley and three-time recipient Ron Savarese.


“This distinction goes beyond production and really speaks to an agent’s dedication to their customers. All four of these agents are tireless in their customer service efforts,” said Davidson Realty President Sherry Davidson.


The Five Star program is sponsored by Jacksonville Magazine and research firm Five Star Professional.


Recognized agents scored in the top three percent for client satisfaction out of all Northeast Florida real estate agents and brokers. The Five Star designation process involves interviews with thousands of recent homebuyers and other consumers to determine each qualifying agent’s client satisfaction rating.


Learn more about Five Star Professional at https://fivestarprofessional.com/public/reresearch.


Congratulations to Suzy, Margherite, Ron and Lynn!

Davidson Realty named to Folio Weekly Best of St. Augustine 2019!

February 1, 2019


Folio Weekly recently announced the results of its first ever Best of St. Augustine list and Davidson Realty was named Best Real Estate Agency!


The local weekly newspaper has published Best of Jax lists for 27 years, and decided to head south this year, opening voting in late December for its inaugural Best of St. Augustine list. More than 73,000 votes were cast in 250 categories.


In addition, Shelley Nemethy took 2nd place as Best Real Estate Agent!


“This is a special achievement for us because it’s not voted by a committee or an industry, but by our community and the very people we work with each day,” said Sherry Davidson, President of Davidson Realty.


Congratulations to Davidson and Shelley!