Rain, rain, go away?

September 12, 2018


If you have been here over the past 15 months or so, you just experienced what can be considered a 100-Year Event. You may not have known it, but you certainly witnessed it.


For the first time in the past 93 years of official record keeping, our region has absorbed over 3 additional feet of rainfall, over and above any other measure in the same time period. The overall measurement for the 15 month period exceeds 8 ½ feet.


In August of this year, places in Pennsylvania that received 4 inches of rain in a very short timeframe were catastrophically flooded. In our area, we can get 4 inches of rain in a single afternoon burst and our streets can be dry a few hours later.


Thankfully, one of the most stringent State regulations is governed by the 5 State Water Management Districts. Northeast Florida is regulated by the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

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Davidson partners with Habitat for Humanity on new St. Augustine neighborhood

August 28, 2018


We are pleased to announce Davidson’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity of St. Augustine / St. Johns County on the housing nonprofit’s newest West St. Augustine neighborhood called Canopy Oaks.


The neighborhood is being developed on the former Dancy Tract off of Broach Street, between Volusia Street and St. Johns Street in the West Augustine Economic Development and Community Redevelopment Area, a few blocks north of W. King Street.


Davidson signed on in February 2015 to provide site planning, site design and project programming on a pro-bono basis. We worked in close concert to represent the project before the County Commission and the County’s Development Review Committee. Our development team incorporated the civil engineering efforts of Matthews Design and together, secured the necessary preliminary zoning and site plan approvals.

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July 17, 2018


Summer is sizzling – both weather-wise and development-wise. Things are heating-up, and we all know that not everyone takes it with the same resolve or with the same long-term outlook that things are destined to change, usually for the better.


The pace and character of new development is a case in point.


A common reaction is to take the not-in-my-backyard approach to news about coming development – when one could easily and most assuredly consider the news to be about “coming attractions”, i.e., positives that strengthen the values of our area and neighborhoods.


There are numerous, new neighborhoods in the works – from south Duval County to south St. Augustine. Many are already under development with their initial phases. Others are in rapid roll-out or on the cusp of ground-breaking.

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April 20, 2011


Ashley WoodThe Davidson Companies are blessed with a diversity of professional talent and engaging personalities, none more so than Ms. Ashley Wood. At a power-packed, diminutive 5’1”, Ms. Wood has achieved a level of athletic prowess, well beyond her easy-going, outward countenance. Ashley takes on all challenges, whether to exceed the needs and expectations of her discerning clients or to reign over all of her taekwondo competitors. Yes, you heard right – Ms. Wood is an accomplished taekwondo martial-arts specialist – having just achieved her Red Belt/Black Stripe status.

ashleyRemarkably, Ashley only began the sport just two and a half short-years ago, based on a few, brief training sessions as a young teenager.  She rapidly achieved various levels of success, launching her to the threshold of the ultimate achievement – the next step, her Black Belt. Ashley knows the value of pairing with a life-mentor and she attributes her rise in the sport to one, very special coach – Ms. Shari Torregrosa, a 3rd Degree Black Belt National Champion who will attain her Master’s Black Belt this year. Through a teaching-learning partnership with Ms. Torregrosa at the North Florida Martial Arts “dojang”, Ashley sped through the rankings, earning her White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Orange Belt/Green Stripe, Green Belt, Green Belt/Blue Stripe, Blue Belt, Blue Belt/Red Stripe, Red Belt and now her Red Belt/Black Stripe. Along the way, her quest has resulted in many local, regional, state and national trophies, including the prestigious Amateur Athletic Union of the USA, Inc., (AAU) Sparring and Forms Gold Medals in 2009 and 2010. This year, Ms. Wood is ranked to compete in the 2011 AAU Florida State Championship in Orlando on April 30th and the 2011 AAU National Championship in Austin, Texas, June 27th thru July 2nd. Without a doubt, Ashley Wood has tapped her passion to compete and to excel, enabling her to become a recognized force in the sport. Read more

Master Plan to Enhance The National Shooting Complex Facilities for the 40,000 NSSA Members

October 28, 2010


rickEveryone knows not to mess with Texas. Yet, Jim Davidson and I never shy away from a good challenge. Case in point, we have been providing pro-bono planning and design expertise for the National Shooting Complex (NSC) located in Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas for the past few years. The 671 acre site is the home of the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA, founded 1928) and the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA, founded 1989). The NSC hosts the shooting-sports’ most prestigious annual competitions, including the NSCA National Championships and the World Skeet Championships (World Shoot), celebrating their 75th anniversary Shoot at the October, 2010 event.

The NSC-held competitions are supported by all of the major national and international firearms and shooting equipment manufacturers, who typically are on-site for the Shoots, offering merchandise, repair, instruction and expert advice and recommendations. The World Shoots draw competitors from many countries around the world, including Australia, South Africa, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Argentina. Any given Shoot can have thousands of competitors, spectators and sporting aficionados all in attendance.

Jim and his wife and partner, Sherry Davidson, are both competitive shooters and life members of the NSSA. Jim was recruited in 2007 by the NSC Long Range Planning Committee, directed by Ms. Louise K. Terry, past president of the NSSA. Jim was asked to provide counsel when they were contemplating a land purchase offer that would have required them to move. Subsequently, another offer was made to the NSC to locate the American headquarters of a German gun maker on the property. In the fall of 2009, Jim and I visited the NSC to fully examine those proposals and to illustrate the opportunities afforded the NSC, the NSSA and the NSCA should they decide to stay put and continue operating on their well-located and beautiful property. Read more

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