November 8, 2017

November’s World Golf Village Office Agent Spotlight – Lynn Whitley


Never mistake soft spoken or tenderhearted as signs of weakness!  Lynn Whitley, who exhibits both qualities, has been an agent with Davidson Realty since May of 2008.  She is a force to be reckoned with.  Her soft southern drawl, courtesy of her hometown of Birmingham, AL, and caring attitude towards her customers goes a long way in getting her job done in an efficient manner.  In this agent spotlight, Lynn answered a couple of questions that tell us a little about her and you might be surprised! (more…)

February 9, 2012

The Story of “Tin Lizzie”

IMG_3988You might come to visit Davidson Realty’s office in St. Augustine and get to see “Tin Lizzie”.  No, that is not one of our agent’s nicknames, it just happens to be a 1930 Model A Coupe with a rumble seat that has been lovingly restored by Bob Lay, husband and business partner to one of our Top Producers, Dottie Lay.

In speaking with Bob about his “Lizzie”, it was evident the passion that he has had about working on these vintage cars for years.  “I had a Model A Ford Coupe Convertible many, many years ago as a younger man and enjoyed working on it.”  That was why he decided to look for his latest Model A, which he found in a warehouse in Ocala, Florida.  “It was a solid car, but in somewhat rough condition and needed a lot of work to make it in show condition.”  Bob has done that work in his World Golf Village home’s garage.  First he did a total body disassembly; it was primed, painted and put all back together again by an auto painter.  He pulled the rear-end, and transmission out and put new seals in it, re-wired the headlights, taillights and the instrument panel.  Next on his list is a whole new interior for Lizzie, which should be done within the next ten days. (more…)

November 23, 2011


manIn a pageant where normally estrogen would abound, testosterone took to the stage in a hilariously funny and entertaining fashion in the Nation’s oldest City.  The White Room, located on St. Augustine’s bayfront was the elaborate venue chosen to host the Womanless Beauty Pageant put on by the Young Professionals Organization of St. Augustine. 

This was the sixth year for the male participant beauty contest and over $25,000 was raised for various charities by the nine contestants.  Bravely flaunting their stuff in evening dress, swimsuit wear and followed by a talent competition, the contestants ranged from a St. Augustine attorney, banking executive, firefighter as well as a World Golf Village dentist.  (more…)

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