HOMEOWNERS ARE FEELING A LITTLE TOO “COVID-COZY” And YOUR HOME could be what they’re looking for!

August 14, 2020

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By now, you’ve probably heard the term “Coronacrazy” which clearly speaks to the day to day roller-coaster we’ve all been living since early March. At Davidson Realty, you’ll also hear the term, “Covid-Cozy” which describes the homebuyers working with our agents who during quarantine determined their home no longer suits their needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean the home is too small in some circumstances. There has been a shift in desired layouts, locations, and overall function for many homebuyers as the Coronavirus has people spending more time at home.


While market conditions remain positive, interest rates are at an all-time low and inventory is low, if you have a home you’re contemplating selling – you may just have the perfect home for someone who is too “Covid-Cozy” in their current home!


What are homebuyers looking for?



Suburb Living:

While the convenience of living close to work has remained one of the top priorities for homebuyers, it’s not necessarily part of the top five “must-haves” since more people are working from home. In addition, people feel safer in less crowded and less populated areas which makes suburb living more desirable.


Dedicated Office/School space:

The pandemic has forced many Americans to work from home. Several large corporations in the Jacksonville Metro area are still shut down and have employees working from home. And nearly 38% of students across Northeast Florida will participate in some form of “distance learning” through virtual options. That means more homeowners are realizing with parents and/or children all needing a dedicated space their current situation isn’t ideal. The dedicated office/school space can be a bonus room or even an additional bedroom converted to office or school space.


Food Pantry:

If you think back to March and April, our groceries caused major anxiety for some as we were told the virus could potentially be brought home from groceries and lives on surfaces. (Not sure we still have a clear answer on this one!) Many consumers tried to buy in bulk and minimize their frequent trips to their local grocery stores. And whether or not consumers are still consumed with fear about their grocery stores, we do know that buying in bulk has become more popular and people are needing more storage space.


Larger yards or better outdoor amenities:

Northeast Florida weather, albeit very hot and humid during August, provides plenty of months for enjoying the outdoors. And people who enjoy entertaining can more safely socially-distance while entertaining outdoors. Outdoor amenities also provide plenty of entertainment while people are looking for more controlled environments for their children to play and safely social distance.


You may be looking for a home that offers these features or maybe you are living in a home that hits some or all of the list above. Either way, if you’re contemplating moving into a new home contact our Davidson Realty office and let’s get the process started. Our Davidson Realty team of experts knows exactly how to market your home to highlight its qualities and make it desirable for people who are ready for something a little less “Covid-Cozy.”

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