4 important questions to consider when upsizing your home

November 6, 2019


At some point in our lives, most of us find the need for more space. The next logical step is to move to a home with more square footage. But there are several important questions that should be addressed before you start looking for a bigger house.


Why do I need more room?


Whether you are growing by people or acquiring more stuff (or both), your space needs will differ. Many families are growing and looking to accommodate more children. That means you need additional bedrooms, bathrooms, a larger living room and perhaps a larger yard to accommodate a swing set and trampoline.


Maybe an elderly family member is moving in or you have frequent guests. In that case, you may want to seek out homes with a separate suite or an apartment above the garage. Have you started a business that requires more space? Plan for another room to accommodate your office or perhaps a larger garage for your new company’s inventory.


Just how much additional space do I need?


Take care not to get wowed by extra rooms you’ll never use. A couple decades ago, home theater rooms were all the rage, but many people found they wanted a more communal living room to watch movies and spend time together. As such, underused home theaters have fallen out of style.


Other rooms that collect the most dust? Formal living rooms, libraries/studies and even formal dining rooms often sit unused. You may want to focus your increased square footage on highly usable space—open spaces, larger eat-in kitchens and spacious family rooms are popular for buyers looking to purchase space they will actually utilize.


What are the additional costs of having more space?


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that more space often means higher utility costs, more maintenance demands and even additional furniture. The addition of a larger yard may necessitate a lawncare service, and a house cleaning service may be needed if you’re unable to tackle the additional housekeeping responsibilities.


These are in no way deal breakers for a larger home but will need to be factored in when planning the costs to upsize your space.


Where do you want to live?


The Jacksonville area is a great place to be if you’re seeking more room, specifically in a newer home. According to PropertyShark, Jax ranks #8 among 32 of the most populated U.S. cities in median new home size, with an average of 2,326 sq. ft.


Where those new homes are, however, is a different story. Residential new construction in Northeast Florida continues to spread north, south and west. That means if you work downtown and want more square footage, you may be looking outside of the city center. This will impact your commute, as well as your kids’ school zoning and access to certain amenities.


If moving to a larger home is not plausible, you do have options. Depending on your HOA restrictions, you may consider adding a second story to your current home, enclosing the garage or back/front porch to create an additional room, or finishing the attic to create a spacious bonus room.

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