How to Find Your Ideal Vacation Home

May 21, 2019


If you need a more permanent place to take a respite, or you are thinking about having a familiar place to go for family getaways, a vacation home is a great option.


When purchasing a vacation home, consider how you will use it. Will your vacation home be reserved for just family and friends?  How many times per year will you use the home? Are you going to rent it out? The answers to these questions will help focus your search.


Think about location. Consider your vacation home’s proximity to amenities. Also, if you will use it several times throughout the year, aim for a location that’s close enough to drive but far enough to feel like a real getaway. Ask yourself, is it close to amenities? Far enough from home? Will it keep you and others wanting to come back? If you are planning to rent out the home, consider whether it is in an area accessible to other attractions or supplies.


Talk to the locals and local officials. Ask people direct questions about the area: What do locals love about the area? What is changing in the area? What is it like during “off season”? If you plan to rent out the home, ask officials if they have rental restriction periods or a maximum number of days you can rent.


What will it cost? This will include mortgage payment, insurance, property taxes, association/amenity fees, and normal wear-and-tear each year. Talk to an accountant about tax deductions, rental income taxes, and other federal taxes associated with owning a vacation home.


Test out the area. Before taking the purchase plunge, rent a place in the area you want to buy a few times in a year to test the seasons, local fare, traffic, and vibe of the area before committing to a spot.


Work with an experienced Realtor. Find a Realtor who knows the community and can recommend other experts you will want to talk with.


Take your time. Finding a vacation home is fun and exciting, but don’t let it push you to make impulsive decisions.  If you find an area you love, take every step to ensure you are going to love it every time you call it home!


I will be there for you from the beginning all the way to after you get your keys, helping you navigate the entire home buying process!  If you are considering buying a home, feel free to call me with any questions.



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