Are you retirement ready? Consider your options!

April 10, 2019


Are you prepared for retirement? There are several ways to help ensure you are ready for that next chapter in your life, either through a 401k, established savings plan, or real estate.


401k planning: To be prepared to live your best life in your golden years, start investing as much as you can, as early as you can.  This means putting a little away for retirement and letting compound interest work in your favor. If your employer offers a traditional 401k, you can contribute a little extra money to it every month without feeling a huge hit to your monthly budget.


Setting up automatic savings: Track your monthly expenses to help find places to reduce spending and use that extra money to set up automatic savings. Set goals for savings, which may seem difficult, but using a personal retirement calendar will help you know how much you need to put away each month for your retirement dream. When you receive a raise or bonus, consider dedicating a portion of it to your retirement plan instead of using it as “found money”.


Investing in your home: Investing in and purchasing a home go hand in hand. A home is an investment that you might make two or more times in your life! People stay in their first home an average of 11 years. Families are in their second home for about 14 years and, when the kids are grown and starting families of their own, active adults often move to a community more suited to their needs.  Retirement savings is designed to help make the latter move less stressful.


I can help you find a first home, a second home for the growing family, or a retirement home in an active adult community. As a General Real Estate Agent, I can assist with contract terms (either a private seller or a site agent for new construction), negotiate price, add upgrades, and find money for closing costs.


If you are considering buying a home at any stage of life, call me and I’d be happy to discuss how my experience can work to your benefit.



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