Jacksonville named #1 real estate investment city in U.S.

March 27, 2018


Jacksonville was recently dubbed as the best city for real estate investing in 2018. The ranking was determined by home improvement company Renoviso, which based its list primarily on two important factors: affordability and growth.

Specifically, a city’s affordability can be found using the area’s median home price and number of high-paying jobs available. A city’s growth is based on population increases and job market. Other factors considered in the ranking included rate of return on investment (capitalization rate) and potential supply and demand of rentals.

According to Renoviso, “With a low median home price of around $232,000 and a population growth rate of 2.1 percent, Jacksonville is in that rare place where home values are still incredibly low, but are rapidly appreciating in value.”

The company credits many qualities with Jacksonville’s ranking, including our abundance of parks and beaches, lively social scene, diverse job market and great capitalization rate.

Davidson Realty agent and real estate investor Matt Roberts agrees with the ranking. “The investor market has been so popular this year in Jacksonville that whenever you put in an offer on a house that is a good deal, you end up going up against at least another dozen investor offers as well,” said Matt.

This can be exciting, but daunting for beginning investors looking to leverage Jacksonville’s popularity. So, how can investors benefit from our great investing environment? Matt says it’s all about thinking ahead and utilizing connections.

As Matt said, “To find myself and my customers better deals, I have started to work with my network of personal investors and wholesalers who buy properties off-market. This allows me to get a heads up of what houses are going to be coming soon. That way, I can pull the information and data I need before the house hits the market.”

While all of metro Jacksonville was named as the best place to invest this year, Matt is keeping his eye on a few neighborhoods in particular, including Murray Hill, Springfield, Mayport and greater Southside areas. He said these areas got a lot of attention in late 2017 and they will likely remain hot spots for 2018 investing.

Check out the full ranking of top U.S. cities for real estate investing by visiting: https://renoviso.com/blog/best-cities-for-real-estate-investment.

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